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I was tired of being a yo yo dieter and i was constantly going up and down with my 189 pound body.Dr2bThin helped my self esteem,instilled good habits in me and my energy went up. Now I am able to jog and run with my son.I lost 47 pounds in 4 months.

– Jennifer

Looking good in a basic white shirt and jeans was a dream i though i can never achieve but with the help and supporting videos of Dr2bThin i lost 39 pound and have been able to keep it off.


I had lost it !! I had no control and had gained 32 pounds. My cholesterol and blood pressure was going through the roof but Dr2bThin helped me to regain my sanity back.What a great system.


This is not just a wt loss program this is a lifestyle program.I lost 20 pounds in 3 months and have kept it off because of the habits I have incorporated in my daily life.


My girlfriend challenged me that i am stuck with my belly for the rest of my life and would not be able to loose it.On this program i was never hungry,videos are very informational and nowI look super cool after losing 33 pounds with the help of Dr2bThin.

– Harry G

Being a teacher is not easy one needs patience and energy.There was not a diet in this world which i had not tried.My scale was consistently showing an upward trend.I finally won this battle of the bulge and lost 27 pounds in 3 months.Hurray!

– Judy H

I never thought I could lose 31 pounds and be ready for my college reunion. I was excited and determined to look my best.I was determined to look 21 years old again.This program gave me the tools for a lifetime. My love handles and stomach bulge was gone.

– Rajni G.


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