5 Mistakes Affecting the Weight Loss

5 Mistakes Affecting the Weight Loss

5 Mistakes Affecting the Weight Loss


weight loss mistakesYou strive to lose weight and faithfully stick to the diet. But you still don’t feel like getting positive results. Probably something is wrong here and you are unaware of it. Here are 5 common mistakes that people make while dieting, which affects weight loss.


1. Using Heavy Salad Dressing


You miss out on the purpose of dieting and add creamy dressing options like bleu cheese and ranch to the salad, pumping in rich calories, which otherwise was a healthy meal. Instead of dressing, opt for vinaigrette-based versions and stop turning salads into calorie bombs.


2. Not Having Proper Intake of Proteins


Proteins reduce appetite and increase feelings of fullness, boosting metabolic rate. Proteins also decrease calorie intake and protect muscle mass during weight loss. You need to consume high protein food while dieting.


3. Standing While Taking Food


Taking food while standing makes it hard to determine how much we consumed. Always sit and instead of eating from a bag or box, take a portion of the food in a bowl or plate so that you know how much you have consumed.


4. Skipping the Meals


You skip breakfast or dinner assuming it to be the best way to reduce the calorie intake. It may sound logical in the beginning but later turns disastrous by slowing down the metabolism. Sooner, you end up overeating later in the day. Instead, opt for a healthy, nutrient-rich breakfast, combining carbs with fiber and protein.


5. Choosing Low-Fat and Fat-Free Processed Foods


You take low-fat and fat-free foods assuming them to be healthy but they are often loaded with sugar and other additives to improve their taste. Fat-free flavored yogurt has as much sugar as a chocolate bar and you think it to be healthy. Instead, buy minimally processed and unprocessed whole foods as they have only healthy fats.

Don’t you find these common mistakes surprising? Rectify them and see the changes that happen to your body.


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