8 Fun Facts about visiting New York

8 Fun Facts about visiting New York

8 Fun Facts about visiting New York


If you haven’t yet been to New York, we’re here to bring some fun facts to you. Take it as a tour guide’s list of the places you must visit, while some facts will simply help you learn more about this city.


New York was not born with the name originally. It’s had a different name before, and nowadays is called by other names too. If you want to get to know about such fun facts about New York and more, keep reading to the very end.


Learn these fun facts about New York

Welcome to the ‘concrete jungle, where dreams are made of – there’s nothing you can’t do’, sang Alicia Keys featured in Jay-Z’s popular song Empire State of Mind. This song had all that you could know about the city, especially the love for it. It’s true indeed when she further adds that the streets make you feel brand new, and the big lights inspire you.


When a city this small, that’s twice as small as London can make you vibe to its tunes, you’ve got to understand how amazing it must be. So, let’s begin with exploring the city through these amazing fun facts.


1. The Dutch settlers originally called it – New Amsterdam

New York, as we mentioned, was not originally called so! Its lands were initially discovered by the Dutch Settlers, and they called it New Amsterdam until the English took over, and named the city in the Duke of York’s honor. There were some cities that were in fact Dutch origin. For instance, Wall Street was called Waal Straat, Brooklyn was called Breukelen, and Harlem was called Haarlem.


2. New York’s reference to the Big Apple

New York is nicknamed ‘The Big Apple’ because of the prizes that were awarded at horse racing events in the 1920s. The term referred to ‘the ultimate’ prize or ‘the best’, because of which several musicians and journalists started referring to New York with the name ‘The Big Apple’. This nickname was made official in 1971 as a means to boost tourism after some bad press. The city is also known as Empire City, The City that Never Sleeps, and City of Dreams.


3. The city with the first ever Pizzeria in the USA

New York is the first city where pizza lovers were born. This Pizzeria was opened in 1905 and was certified by the Pizza Hall of Fame. It’s interesting to note that Lombardi’s Pizza on 32 Spring Street is going strong, among the 1,600 pizzerias in the city.


4. Home to a diverse population

New York is home to people from different parts of the world. This is evident by the number of languages spoken in the city, which amount to more than 800 languages. You could say that almost half of the city speaks more than one language, whereas one-third are born overseas. This city has the largest population with a widely diverse group of citizens. One in 38 people in the USA are from New York.


5. The birthplace of LGBTQ+ rights

One day the police walked into a bar and the rest is history, especially in New York’s Greenwich village. This place had a bar called Stonewall Inn, which was a popular and safe haven for the LGBTQ+ community way back in 1969. The police decided to raid the place, but the people in the bar fought back, instead of submitting. The event led to riots, creating a worldwide movement, making New York the friendliest place for LGBTQ+ people.


6. The Gallery where whispers are heard loud and clear

The Grand Central Terminal is a domed walkway in New York. It has a remarkable architecture built at 42nd street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. The design of this architecture does something amazing. If you stand in one corner next to a tiled wall, and whisper a few words to another person standing on the opposite side more than 30 feet away, you will be able to hear each other. It’s the most amusing acoustical phenomena that attract tourists to try it out and have fun at this whispering gallery.


7. The promenade at Central park

New York’s elite Central Park is a place where you will find lots of birds. The park has a straight path that leads to the Bethesda Terrace. This park was originally known as the Promenade. This was once a park for the elite to take walks in their finest attire and admire each other’s wealth.


8. The Statue of Liberty was originally born in Paris

Lady Liberty is an iconic symbol, representing the American dream, and of course, freedom. Originally built by French sculptors Bartholdi and Eiffel, the tower was built to celebrate the friendship between the US and France.


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