Veg and Non-Veg Protein Source

Best Protein Sources for Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian – Don’t Miss It

Best Protein Sources for Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian – Don’t Miss It


veg and non-veg protein sourceTell someone that you are diet conscious and the next reaction you will get is, “are you serious and how do you plan to supplement the protein intake?” There is a general tendency to assume that to diet is to deprive protein, which is a big myth. To have a strong curb over the food intake is not to put a cap on your protein diet, but to reduce the unwanted intake of food that pumps in weight. Protein doesn’t cause obesity but it helps gain muscles. So what are the sources of protein in our diet?


Vegetarianism and Protein


Does a meat-free diet lack protein? This is another myth. Most often vegetarians make protein supplements a part of the diet which is a big blunder. Unless you are an athlete or bodybuilder, you don’t need protein powder as your normal food has ample protein content. Here are some normal protein sources that you can include in your daily diet.




Made of gluten, the main protein in wheat, it is called wheat meat or wheat gluten and resembles the look and texture of meat when cooked. It is also a source of iron and calcium.




A good source of protein, it can be used in a variety of dishes, ranging from fresh salads to hearty soups and spice-infused dahls.


Chickpeas and most varieties of beans


Chickpeas and varieties of beans contain a high amount of protein and are also amazing sources of carbs, fiber, iron, folate, phosphorus, potassium, and manganese


Green peas


Another good source of protein, add green peas to your diet as it covers more than 25% of your daily fiber, vitamin A, C, K, thiamine, folate, and manganese requirements.


Non-Vegetarianism and Protein


It is a fact that non-vegetarians do not face the question related to protein intake and assume that every meat is protein-rich. It is not true. Here are some meat products that can help you grow muscles in the shape of the protein.




Chicken is a protein source but should be grilled not fried to make it healthy.




Include egg in your breakfast as one egg has 5 grams of protein. Three eggs with a glass of milk are the fine way to kick-start your day.




A good way for protein intake is to consume fish but give preference to tuna and salmon as they are more protein-rich than other fish types.




Turkey is another healthy non-vegetarian option for protein. You can either make it a main dish or can consume as a salad. It is your call.


Give up the thought of making protein supplements an addition to your diet plan. Instead, diversify your culinary knowledge and experiment in the kitchen to shed the protein boredom. To power-up, it’s enough.

Author: Dr. Date, MD | Dr2bThin – A medically supervised weight loss program.


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