Can Weight Gain affect your Vascular Age? Dr2bThin

Can Weight Gain affect your Vascular Age?

Can Weight Gain affect your Vascular Age?


If you’re 30 years old but smoking daily, eating junk food, drinking excess alcohol, sleeping only four hours every day – your 60-year old neighbor might outlive you.


So, it’s necessary to apply a few corrective measures to your lifestyle to improve your quality of living. And, this means to practically determine your “true age”. But, how does one guess their “true age”? By this, we mean the age defined by your health status. The preferred term is “VASCULAR AGE,” and whether the number obtained is above, under, or the same as your birth age – is something you need to find out.


We can’t always be mindfully careful of what we put on our plates. The food industry has evolved with diverse cuisines, some of which are unhealthy. Yet, we continue to eat unhealthy foods at a rate that our bodies can’t break down.


That is why a vascular age calculator was developed and published by Harvard Medical School. This calculator helps you get a rough estimate of your health age. While practitioners use precise medical tools to determine your vascular age professionally, this calculator can help you get a basic idea of where you are headed health-wise.



Using the vascular age calculator to measure your health status

The vascular age calculator mathematically assesses the age of your arteries. The details you need to add are factors that the calculator can use to determine your vascular age. These factors include your age, total cholesterol levels, HDL, systolic blood pressure, and other factors – like whether you are a smoker or have diabetes.


A score is developed based on the information you provide. This score is covered by a risk figure that defines your vascular age. You can use the vascular age calculator if you already have recent medical reports that reflect your total cholesterol and HDL levels.


Without a proper healthy diet and lifestyle, a daily exercise routine, and a positive family and friends relationship – your body will experience unfavorable changes. The real true wake-up call comes with checking your vascular age, and taking appropriate measures.



Can weight affect your vascular age?

Studies have revealed that a higher BMI is strongly linked to higher troponin levels. Troponin is an enzyme checked in the blood of patients suspected of having a heart attack.


Obese patients with higher Troponin levels were nine times more likely to develop heart failure than ideal weight and undetectable Troponin levels.


That is why treating obesity as soon as possible is essential to improve the quality of life.


Dr2bThin offers lifestyle modification measures through diet and exercise customized for each patient suffering from obesity. The doctor may also prescribe the FDA-approved drug Phentermine 37.5mg to boost the patient’s efforts.


However, this drug is only prescribed if the patient is free from pre-defined contraindications that interfere with the drug-body interaction. You can find out if you are eligible to take Phentermine by contacting Dr2bThin for a free tele visit appointment.


The best part about our services is that you don’t have to pay for the doctor’s fees. The only charge that may apply to you is if you are prescribed the weight loss drug.



How to improve your vascular age results

If you’ve calculated your vascular age and the results are not good, it’s time to make a few dietary changes. Let’s take you through some recommendations for improving your health status.


You may have heard of these common dietary suggestions. We’re repeating them for you, for a good reason – your heart’s health.


  • Eat healthy plant-based foods more while cutting down on meat consumption.


  • Ensure you add more fruits to your daily diet.


  • Add anti-inflammatory foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, avocado, and coconut, omega-3 fatty acids in seafood, herbs, and spices.


  • Make all efforts to eliminate stress from your life.


Remember that unfortunate incidents in life are unavoidable. How you respond to the situations in life depends on your ability to manage or cope with unfavorable and stressful events. Even the little things matter – like keeping your mobile phones away from you after office hours as much as possible. Practice meditation, deep breathing, and surround yourself with nature.


  • Make sure to add a workout plan to your daily routine. Do things that you enjoy, from cycling to swimming, jogging, brisk walking, Zumba, etc.


  • We recommend checking your Vitamin K and D levels. While supporting overall health, these two vitamins will help keep your arteries young. If your reports show low levels, ask your doctor to recommend appropriate supplements for you.


Treat your vascular age as a priority. You will indeed look younger than your age, leaving everyone wondering and surprised about your actual birth age.


Are you looking for a complete health makeover or wish to lose those extra pounds? Contact Dr2bThin today!


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