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CBD for Weight Loss and Obesity

CBD for Weight Loss and Obesity


CBD is short for Cannabidiol, which is a compound derived from the widely talked about “Cannabis Plant”. The general public often gets taken aback when they hear Cannabis and/or CBD since it primarily is regarded as something that has psychoactive effects on a human body and gets you a high. However, this is not true. CBD is one of the many compounds that are extracted from the cannabis plant. The compound which is actually responsible for causing psychoactive effects is tetrahydrocannabinol i.e.THC. CBD doesn’t cause a high but THC does, and it is necessary to educate ourselves on this before we delve more into CBD and its uses in the medical field.

CBD for weight loss

CBD is believed to have several positive effects on human health, including but not limited to; relieving chronic pain, improving sleep, reducing inflammation, boosting brain functions. However, in this article the focus would be on CBD’s effects on WEIGHT LOSS.!


The primary research and science of it found out that human body naturally produces cannabinoids which forms a part of the endocannabinoid system. This particular system is believed to play a key role in controlling one’s appetite, intake of food and balancing energy within the body. Moreover, this system also subsidizes the regulation of metabolism in our bodies. Hence, additional use of CBD through a way manipulation this endocannabinoid system, it is understood that we may be able to encourage a more active and efficient metabolism and hence reducing weight.An intensified metabolism means that it will be easier for the body to burn off more fat since your body will require more energy, making CBD an exciting prospect for weight loss in patients.


It is no more a secret that doctors are exploring natural treatments towards this ever so growing medical condition i.e. Obesity. CBD, being a plant extract, is one such recommendation by doctors all over the world after having found its consistent effect on helping to lose weight.


CBD is hugely claimed to help in losing appetite by stimulating certain CB2 receptors found in CBD that decreases inflammation and consequently reduces food intake helping to cut down some pounds from your body. Another way how CBD helps in losing weight is by turning bad fat into good fat which helps in burning down calories and breaking down fat quite efficiently from the body.  


CBD also provides a huge helping hand in patient’s weight loss training programs. There is no denying that weight loss programs have few intense training programs that definitely increase chances of having sore muscles that causes a road block for many patients. This is also where CBD helps, through its anti-inflammatory properties, by effectively soothing muscle pain, allowing faster recovery times and hence helping patients get back to their training routine sooner than later. There is quite an exemplary list of evidence to this as several international athletes such as Bubba Watson (Pro Golfer), Megan Rapinhoe (American Women Soccer World-cup Winner) etc. who have propagated and endorsed the use of CBD products to help them in this particular activity.


Hence, it is definitely time for all of us to consider these positive effects of CBD in treating weight loss and other health benefits. Our team at Dr2bThin is open for consultation and evaluate your body and health condition and advice on the most effective use of CBD alongside a healthy diet and an full-fledged training program. We also have a wide range of CBD products such as weigh loss sprays, CBD oil etc. produced at FDA approved facilities and that are legal in all 50 states.



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