Cleanse Your Kidneys With These Nine Effective Cleansing Rituals




We’re here to talk about the significant role that our kidneys play in our lives. These bean-shaped organs that are found on each side of our spine beneath the rib cage act as professional filters, specifically designed by nature for us. If you’re wondering why kidneys have to be so well taken care of, we’ll tell you why.


Kidneys have the major responsibility of filtering and returning blood to your bloodstream while filtering and removing wastes and toxins from the body.


Can you imagine what would happen if the toxins that are found within our body find no way out? It would be a disaster, and this is what happens with people suffering from a kidney disease.


When the kidneys are damaged, the body loses its ability to remove waste products, and extra and unwanted fluid. As a result, a patient experiences swelling in their ankles, nausea, weakness, shortness of breath, and poor sleep.


This is why it’s important to explore effective kidney cleanse. In this blog, we’re going to do just that, so make sure you read it to the end.



Nine kidney cleanse rituals for your body

Do you want to improve your quality of life by enhancing your energy levels and maintaining skin health? Here are some effective ways that you can perform to keep your kidneys in good shape.


This kidney cleanse involves the best practices that you can benefit from within just ten days of following them the right way.


  1. Liquid nutrition
  2. Intermittent fasting
  3. Hydration
  4. Self-massaging on kidney reflex points
  5. Dry brushing the skin
  6. Daily movement
  7. Herbal tea
  8. Supplements for kidney cleansing
  9. Infrared sauna


  1. Use Liquid Nutrition 

Replace one or two of your meals with bone broth. You can either alternate or combine it with a protein shake. In addition to this liquid nutrition process, you can consume kidney-supporting foods and herbs in salads, smoothies, or juices. Some of the kidney-supporting foods include broccoli, lime, dandelion greens, berries, beets, lemons, onions, and cucumbers.


  1. Intermittent Fasting 

Intermittent fasting includes alternating between a period of not eating (fasting) and a period of eating (feasting) within a day. This process improves your kidney health, insulin sensitivity, and improved cellular autophagy and renewal. Make sure to consume your meals in a 6 to 8-hour eating window during your kidney cleanse.


  1. Optimize Hydration

Start your day with 32 ounces of water before eating anything. After this, make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. Your fluid intake can include herbal tea, or lemon and herbs in your water. In addition to protein shakes, juices, bone broth, make sure to drink 1 gallon of filtered water daily.


  1. Massage at your kidney reflex points 

Gently massage the kidney pressure points on your palms three times a day – in the morning, at lunchtime and before bed. You can perform massage therapy at the pressure points on your feet. If needed, have someone trusted to help massage your feet.


  1. Dry brush your skin

Get a brush with soft natural bristles and dry brush your body daily before. This process stimulates your lymphatic system, helps with proper blood circulation, and supports detoxification. Make sure to brush in circular motions throughout the body, circling towards your heart. You can brush your stomach as well, and here, you have to use a circular motion to support the digestive flow.


  1. Stay active on a daily basis

Staying active is always recommended; however, during a kidney cleanse, you can make sure to go for lighter exercises. Go for walks, yoga, light Pilates, and enjoy a bike ride. If dancing suits you, go for it! You can also play with your kids and / or pets, and regularly stretch your body throughout the day.


  1. Use Herbal Teas 

Herbal teas support hydration, kidney health, and detoxification while calming your body and mind. Ask your doctor about some good kidney-supporting herbal teas best suited to you.


  1. Kidney Cleanse Supplements

Get plant-based kidney health supplements that can help cleanse the kidneys, support normal kidney function, and streamline your body’s drainage pathways. While doing so, also consult your doctor about any supplement that supports the functioning of your urinary system, which can combine well with your kidney cleanse supplement.


  1. Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna therapy is a simple and efficient way to support your kidney cleanse and detoxification through sweating. Infrared sauna therapy uses Far Infrared Technology. This non-invasive light therapy can penetrate your body as much as three inches. Studies suggest that regular sauna therapy use can lower the risk of mortality by 40 percent, improve detoxification and chronic disease.


Working towards a healthy-functioning kidney can improve your health tremendously. Getting rid of the toxins from your body can also mean that you are making sure that you don’t develop any complex disorders. Therefore, use the above 10-day kidney cleansing ritual and watch the benefits unfold.



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