Unique Tips for Your Weight Loss Program

4 Unique Weight Loss Tips

4 Unique Weight Loss Tips


Greek Yogurt as Dessert

As per recent studies, Greek yogurt as a dessert supplement in your diet can help revoke body fat-burning engines, fasten the weight loss process, and also cut down your belly fat to a major extent. One of the directors in John Hopkins Integrative GI Nutrition Services conducted a study on this and found out that “Yogurt is great for feeding the good bugs that live in your intestine, which improves the health of your microbiome, the community of microorganisms that live in your body”. There has been growing research on yogurt’s role in weight loss with many researchers also positively claim that people who ate Greek yogurt lost around 25 % weight and 60 & body fat as compared to those who didn’t. It is also claimed that yogurt eaters lose belly fat at a faster rate in their weight loss regime than people who avoided it.  

4 Unique Weight Loss Tips

Increase Leafy Green Vegetables in your diet

Leafy green vegetables are low in calories and high in nutrients and are advised in every part of the globe for a number of health benefits. Including dark leafy greens in your everyday routine has a variety of health benefits, including weight loss and high rate of metabolism. The best way to consume leafy vegetables for weight loss is in the form of salads before lunch or dinner. Being low on calorie, it is good for the body as well as makes you feel full and helps in cutting down food intake. There are also other ways in which you could use the green leafy vegetables such as; pasta dishes, lasagna, sandwiches, pesto, soups, or even a spinach pie!”


Drink soup before Meal

A lot of people are accustomed to pre-meal salad in order to cut down on the calorie intake from dinner. However, research suggests that drinking soup before lunch/ dinner is in fact more effective than eating a salad for cutting down your dinner/ main course. One such research in the journal Appetite established that people who had thick soup before meals (lunch and dinner) tend to cut down 20-30 percent of their main course. And moreover, soup also increases water intake in your body and helps build immunity and metabolism.


Eat a bigger breakfast than dinner

People who eat a heavy breakfast and a light dinner are tending to lose 40 percent more weight than people who do the opposite.  In one of the studies conducted by the journal of Obesity, a group of obese patients who consumed 1000 calories at breakfast, 500 at lunch, and 200 at dinner lost around 20 pounds in a year while another group who ate the same set of foods but had 200 calories at breakfast, 500 at lunch and 1000 at night lost only about six to seven pounds. Hence, start having heavy breakfast and light dinner for a better weight loss regime.



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