Health benefits of Natural sugar replacement – ALLULOSE

Health Benefits of Natural Sugar Replacement – ALLULOSE

Health Benefits of Natural Sugar Replacement – ALLULOSE


We mentioned how Allulose is a great substitute for sugar in our previous blog. This natural sweetener when used moderately helps you rid away sugar to a large extent from your diet. So, if you’ve been training your mind to stay away from sugary sweets, allulose will support your eating habits.


Our obsession with sugar

Why is sugar still being consumed when it does more harm than good for your health?


Many people say they can’t help themselves, but is that really true when it comes to that sugar high? Studies suggest that when you are addicted to sugar, it’s often hard to resist. However, many people consume large amounts of this sweet poison to combat boredom, only to become hyper and later crash. The addiction to sugar can also lead one to crave for it while experiencing stressful or irritable episodes.


This kind of addiction is also linked to binge eating, which means eating a lot at a rapid pace. This is followed by feelings of disgust, shame and guilt. This form of binge eating includes focusing on sweets, while using it as a crutch to deal with deeper conflicting emotions.


When it comes to anxiety, people tend to experience loss of appetite. However, those who are sugar-addicted, they are likely to sprint across the room to grab that cookie jar or those sugar-coated Twizzlers. They may experience a temporary sense of control over their anxiety, but eventually move on to feeling the same anxiety they felt before. Weight gain is another major after effect of this form of addiction.


Beating sugar addiction requires medical attention among its respective fields. Modifying one’s diet and adopting self-control can help, while instant sugar quitting isn’t ideal. People with a sugar addiction, especially in addition to another substance abuse disorder are likely to experience severe cravings. In extreme cases, a therapist may be required to help deal with the addiction.


That said, if you are trying to beat a regular sugar temptation, then allulose may offer you more than just a habit-kicker. It has some great health benefits that you cannot ignore if you decide to begin self-care.


How does allulose work in the body?

Allulose is a monosaccharide that is already present in its simplest form, which means that it doesn’t need further breaking down in the body. This natural alternative to sugar is present in fruits like figs and raisins. Unlike sugar, allulose does not require amylase or any other carbohydrate-breaking enzymes.


The bloodstream consumes around 70-80% of allulose, while the rest leaves the body via the GI tract.


In this blog, we’ll take you through the reasons why allulose is good for you. You will understand in a more comprehensible manner the health benefits of allulose.


The best health benefits of Allulose

You may be wondering what Allulose can do that makes it a great substitute for regular sugar.


Let’s find out how allulose can help.


  • Visceral or belly Fat

Visceral fat is commonly known as belly fat. It is excess weight significantly linked with chronic diseases. Animal studies show that fat loss is the outcome of replacing sugar and other sweeteners with allulose. Allulose has a positive impact on blood sugar regulation, which influences weight and body fat.


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  • Blood Glucose Levels

Allulose does not have any detrimental impact on blood sugar levels. In addition, it helps improve insulin sensitivity and prevents type 2 diabetes. If you’ve been struggling with controlling your blood sugar levels, use allulose to support your efforts. Although, we do recommend that you consult your doctor before using this natural sweetener.


  • Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease may be attributed to a complication linked to insulin resistance and diabetes because it shares many of the same root causes. As animal studies suggest, allulose sweeteners may benefit cases of fatty liver disease.


Who can and cannot use Allulose sugar?

Cutting back on sugars requires some extra effort. Why not make it worth every step towards a sugar-free life. Allulose can be added to baked goods, your favourite beverage, or even to frozen desserts. That said, people on keto diets can also use allulose since it has very few calories compared to sugar.


People who shouldn’t consume allulose are those allergic to the contents in alternative sweeteners.


At the outset, we recommend that if you aren’t allergic and want to consume allulose to contribute to your weight loss journey, you may do so. Remember not to consume too much of it, and to have it moderately and wisely.


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