How to break the Plateau effect while losing weight

How to break the Plateau effect while losing weight

How to break the Plateau effect while losing weight


Sometimes, the body needs a jolt in routine, an interference, to wake it up. Our bodies reach a plateau when we do the same thing, over and over again. This plateau effect can be implied to our work life, eating habits, and following the same routine – day in and day out.

As our work is affected by the same routine, so does our body experience the same effect. This effect is called the plateau effect, where no matter what you do, the body isn’t even losing an inch.

Common ways to break the plateau effect

How do you break a routine?

Add or minus an activity from the schedule.

Incorporate some fun activities to mix it up!

For weight management issues, you can seek your dietitian’s and fitness coach’s help to break the plateau effect.


Some of the ways to break the plateau effect:

  • Cut down some carbs and have more fiber
  • Increase the intensity of your exercise or your workout duration
  • Increase protein intake (only after consulting your Dietitian)
  • Try another form of exercise like yoga
  • Manage stress – meditation
  • Try intermittent fasting after consulting with your Dietitian

Taking weight loss solutions up a notch

You can break the plateau effect in several ways. However, some doctors prescribe a drug that can help boost your weight loss rather than breaking the plateau. These drugs are prescribed for patients who find it difficult to lose weight and experience multiple cravings for food. It’s an appetite suppressant that helps patients control their appetite for eating more.

Buy phentermine 37.5 mg upon your doctor’s prescription. This drug helps with weight loss drugs that doctors prescribe for their patients. The Phentermine results work in the case of some patients while a few minor side effects.


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