How to maximize your efforts to lose weight

How to maximize your efforts to lose weight

How to maximize your efforts to lose weight


If you want to lose weight effectively, you must follow specific dietary guidelines with discipline.


Many people find it difficult to manage weight loss because they are used to specific eating habits. These habits are mostly inclined towards eating what is not suitable for weight loss.


For instance, if you have a tight work schedule with long working hours, cooking fresh food becomes a challenge. You are likely to order a takeaway or cook frozen packaged food instead.


Therefore, it takes a significant lifestyle change to ensure that you don’t fall back into bad eating habits.


What causes people not to lose weight effectively?

While some habits can be changed, there are still other reasons you may not be losing weight despite your many efforts. Sometimes, you may think that you are making the right efforts but are unaware of what you’re doing wrong. It is advisable to consult a weight loss medical professional to guide you in the right direction.


Let’s look at some of the causes of not losing weight effectively.


  • You may not be keeping track of your eating habits – You may be eating the exact number of times to maintain your weight loss track, but what you put on your plate also matters.


  • There’s not enough protein in your diet – Adding protein at 25-30% of calories can help boost metabolism by 80-100 calories per day. This method may automatically lead you to consume fewer calories in a day; reduce cravings or the desire for in-between snacks.


  • You eat when you’re stressed – Stress eating is a common habit many people have, but it is essential to control this habit. prescribes the Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss medication. This medication is FDA-approved and is suitable for the majority as it increases energy levels, reduces appetite and cravings.


  • Phentermine has some contraindications that medical professionals can assess specifically for you at the time of your virtual online consultation. Therefore, you may consult our online weight loss platform at:


  • You are addicted to fast your consultation is Free, and you only pay for Phentermine if you are approved to receive prescription weight loss pill.Foods – Fast foods or junk foods usually contain too many calories mixed with unhealthy fats and are high in refined carbohydrates. These foods do not meet the ideal nutrient requirement, leading to chronic illnesses and weight gain. Here are five ways to beat fast food cravings.


  • There’s too much sugar in your drink – Most beverages like milkshakes, fruit juices, sodas, and colas have high sugar content. Sugary drinks cause you to gain more weight as they contain components that increase fats in the body. Furthermore, the brain does not compensate for the calories in these drinks, causing you to eat less of other foods.


  • If you do not exercise enough what happens? Keep in mind that Cardio or aerobic exercises help to increase your heart rate. Always remember that the higher the muscle in the body the higher it’s fat burning potential. However, due to busy schedules, most people skip the exercise routine.


  • You haven’t added resistance training to your exercise routine – Resistance training like lifting weights helps maintain muscle mass. However, some people find it extremely time-consuming and skip it altogether.
    Maximizing your efforts to lose weight effectively if you have prescribed Phentermine 37.5mg, you may have already been given a set of dietary guidelines to follow. However, here’s a shortlist to reanalyze your efforts.


  • Get rid of processed foodsProcessed or packaged frozen foods like donuts, potato chips, burger patties, etc., are high in sodium, sugar, and bad fats. They also contain artificial ingredients that lead to increasing your waist size. Going the extra mile to buy and cook whole foods will help you gain more
    nutritional value and efficient weight loss results.


  • Avoid post-dinner meals
    Those late-night snacks can be tempting, but they kill all your efforts to lose weight. Not only should you avoid sugary snacks but also delectable crisps lying in your kitchen cabinet. They keep adding to the pounds and also interfere with regular sleep patterns. If any hunger persists, stick to a small cottage cheese or fruit serving.


  • Make a note of your eating and drinking habits keeping a record of what you eat and drink may help you stay more accountable towards yourself. You may not always have someone around to stop you from making the wrong food choices. Therefore, a diary to record your food intake can help you think before eating.


  • More water – lesser caloric consumptionSometimes, you may be thirsty, but you get the feeling of hunger. Drink more water to offset false hunger alarms. Water makes you feel full, prevents you from overeating, and helps remove the fat cells through urine. So, drink a glass of water about half an hour before your meal.


Aim for around 3 liters of water per day. has the medical expertise to design a weight loss strategy most suited to you. If approved, you may also be given Phentermine to speed up your weight loss journey. Contact us for scheduling a free tele visit appointment. How to maximize your efforts to lose weight.


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