How To Order Phentermine Online Legally


Frequently Asked Questions

Its important to understand that Phentermine can only be prescribed after reviewing and talking to a physician or his medical staff.

Not at all .There are strict guidelines for dispensing Phentermine.The medical staff reviews your patient form and if they feel based on your conditions you could be eligible you then receive an online consultation.

Firstly register on the website and then fill a brand new patient form otherwise you will not be able to see our medical staff.


Patient must fill their patient form which requires one to honestly disclose their medical conditions and medicines. After that patient must click New patient icon which will take one to calender .Select a time and date that suits you.


Prior to your online virtual appointment the Physician and his staff intensely study your patient form and call you at your selected time.


This program is designed to help the patient get their prescription within the comfort of one’s home.

During your virtual consultation our trained medical staff concludes if it is safe for you to consume Phentermine.

Phentermine can never be dispensed without actual consultation.


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