How to Speed Your Metabolism

How to Speed Your Metabolism

How to Speed Your Metabolism


speed up metabolismThe food you consume needs to transform into energy to keep you going. And this gets affected when your diet and lifestyle are not up to the mark. Fortunately, you can rev up your metabolism. Proper sleep, a healthy diet, and exercise can help you burn calories faster, promising a healthy life. Here we discuss a few exercises to speed up your metabolism.




Relatively an easy exercise, you can do it anywhere. Though it seems simple, once you are mastered in plank, you will be reaping total-body benefits. It helps stabilize the low-back spine area and works the shoulder stabilizers and the glutes as well.


Reverse Lunge


A terrific leg exercise, lunges are a great lower-body strengthener. In a knee-dominant exercise, you bend the knee and step back with one leg. The back leg is bent and the back knee will nearly touch the ground. The front knee and the thigh is parallel to the ground while the front leg will be working.




Swim regularly as nothing can bet this in burning calories. Every muscle in the body will be utilized and fat will be turned into energy in a short time. Unlike several other exercises, swimming has no side effects.




Dips avoid shoulder and chest pain. An exercise for the shoulder, it works wonders for the body.
Do three sets of eight to ten dips, perhaps pushing the third set until you physically can dip no more to feel the results at a faster pace. You will soon realize your internal engine humming.




One of the best lifting exercises to build muscles and burn calories, squats require you to focus on your quads and glutes. Try dumbbell or kettle-bell squats to mix things up.




Sprinting is an easy way to shed extra calories from the body. It requires your body to act explosively, Run regularly to build muscles strong.


Free-feet Drill


Pump your heart in no time with fire free drill. This cardio exercise, specifically for girls, pumps oxygen-rich blood to muscles, burning out unwanted fat deposited in the body. To do this exercise, keep the feet wider than shoulders with a slight bend in your knees and hips behind you. Now you need to run as fast as you can as if the floor under you is on fire. Every 10 seconds, do a jump squat and be back in position to continue the run. You will feel the impact on your body.


Running Lunges


A quad-burning cardio blaster, running lunges is a brilliant way to keep the pressure and tension for a long time, resulting in sweating and muscle development. It will naturally lengthen your stride and improve the single-leg balance. In the long run, it will help in weight loss and reduces the chances of injuries, making common movements easier.


Exercising can help you not just burn calories but gain confidence and strength. Initially, it can be challenging but with practice, you will gain expertise. Start today and soon you will see the outcome.


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