How to stay on track during your weight loss struggles

How to stay on track during your weight loss struggles

How to stay on track during your weight loss struggles


Losing weight has been an ever-stirring dilemma for many people. Also, your struggle to lose weight increases as you age, and the more fat mass your body gains. While losing weight has a simple rule of eating less and exercising more, it’s not all black and white. Motivation plays a huge role, and we tend to easily deviate from the main reasons that initially pulled us towards our goal to lose weight.


It’s not easy to be more active when you work long hours sitting. It’s not easy to eat less when your mind is stressed and needs more energy to carry on with the entire day’s work. That said, it’s easier to stray away from the goals that were initially set, like working out at 5.00 am. It’s easier to replace your favorite breakfast meal with a high-fiber oats meal. However, it’s even easier to fall back to having your favorite but unhealthy meal again within a few days.


Motivation requires constant fueling with the right ingredients. Hence, in this blog, we’ll take you through some of the more effective ways to stay motivated to lose weight.


Staying motivated while losing weight

Applying these useful tips will help you stay on track even during the worst struggles of losing weight.


1. Lay down the reasons for your weight loss journey

Why do you want to lose weight? Is it because you want to stay fit and healthy, or want to fit into your favorite attire again? Or, maybe you want to feel good about yourself and regain self-confidence. Whatever the reason, it’s become harder to remember when you lose focus in your weight loss struggles. So, write it down; your reasons, in a diary especially maintained to mark your weight loss journey. You can go back to your weight loss diary as a reminder. In addition, you can look at it every morning and night to help you stay focused on the goal.


2. Set weight loss goals that are achievable

Try to set yourself up for failure, when it comes to setting goals. You may want to get to the finish line faster, but a weight loss journey is not a race. For instance, trying to cut down on sweets abruptly within a day will create the worst bounce back. Instead, try cutting down your sweet’s intake in short bursts. If you are used to having one cola a day and a dessert after your meal, alternate them with a gap of two days. Have a cola on Saturday and Sunday but no desserts on the same day. No colas or desserts on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Then, stick to one dessert either after lunch or dinner on Wednesday, but no colas. After a point of time, you will get used to staying away from sugary drinks and foods; something you thought was impossible. It’s all in how you train your mind and body to get used to the absence of anything.


3. Take it easy! Embrace the fall and rise

If you repeatedly experience craving, and are trying to transition from obesity to a fit body, then consult our online weight loss doctor. We have a special Phentermine prescription online doctor who will review your weight loss issues. If you meet the necessary criteria, you may receive a prescription for Phentermine 37.5 mg. It is an FDA-approved weight loss pill that helps in reducing cravings, feeling energetic all day, and losing weight efficiently.


We tend to get easily demotivated when we can’t see the results. However, staying consistent and patient are key to achieving anything, including weight loss. So, suppose you fell into the temptation of a craving, rise up by promising yourself to stay away from it. There are several ways to ensure that you don’t go back to craving that snack again. Consult our online weight loss doctor to help you with your weight loss struggles and unhealthy cravings.


4. Tracking progress is essential

The diary that you’ve got to write down your reasons; use it to mark the achievements you made. Also, use it to note down the benchmarks and timeline you’ve set to lose those pounds. For instance, by the end of two weeks, you should have lost two pounds. So, now you know how to take further steps.


5. Take up an activity you like

If you are not a gym person then don’t do it because you won’t often feel motivated to go to the gym. If you like climbing or cycling, take up these activities instead. There are plenty of activities, including brisk walking or swimming to help improve your fitness levels.


Studies have shown that knowing how to lose weight and talking to healthcare professionals are linked to weight loss motivation. If you require professional help, make sure to reach out to our online weight loss doctor.


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