The Lazy Way of Weight Loss

Lazy Ways to Lose Weight

Lazy Ways to Lose Weight


Having lazy and inactive days are quite natural, especially when you have been putting extra effort into your weight loss routine. It’s natural that some days are a little harder when it comes to fast weight loss. Busy schedules can make finding workout time challenging or cause you to order takeout instead of cooking at home. As long as you stay active and eat healthy most of the time, a few lazy days cannot deter your journey. However, even in those days, it’s essential to do the following to stay motivated.

Lazy Ways to Lose Weight

  1. Grab a Buddy

Get a partner, friend, or family member interested in your weight loss program to help you stay accountable. Working out with a “buddy” has shown to keep people on track instead of falling off the exercise wagon. 


  1. Turn the Heat Down

Burn belly fat while you sleep by turning the thermostat down before going to bed. Numerous studies indicate that sleeping in a chillier environment increases the amount of brown fat in the body and boosts the metabolism. Unlike white fat that contributes to weight gain and obesity, brown fat burns energy to keep the metabolism in check. 


  1. Eat Small Amounts of Nuts

Always keep a handful of nuts like walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, and other nuts to curb hunger pangs. Nuts are healthy fat sources that satisfy and provide excellent replacements for other calorie-dense foods. Nuts are complex carbs, unlike white flour-based and sugary foods and satiate the body for longer period of time.


  1. Forget the Deli Meat

Banish deli meat from your grocery list since it’s some of the worst food for weight loss and overall health. Deli sandwiches featuring meat and cheese are bona-fide calorie bombs that hinder your efforts. According to the World Health Organization,  “deli meat has a lot of salt and nitrates and nitrites, preservatives that have been shown to increase your risk of cancer and heart disease” as well.


  1. Drink a glass of wine before bed

A glass of red wine contains resveratrol, a much-lauded anti-aging compound that also has serious weight-loss properties. Resveratrol converts white fat into brown fat, according to research from Washington State University, which is more easily burned off—even when you snooze. If you want to enjoy alcohol as well as reap benefits out of it pertaining to weight loss, then look no more.


Author: Dr. Anil Date, MD | Dr2bThin – A medically supervised weight loss program based in California, USA. For any query/assistance, reach back to us at


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