Learn Some Fun Facts about Washington-Seattle

Learn Some Fun Facts about Washington-Seattle

Learn Some Fun Facts about Washington-Seattle


Seattle or what this city is commonly known as – the Emerald City has been around for over 4000 years. This city has been inhabited longer than any other city in the United States. As we open our virtual branch for weight loss with Phentermine in Washington-Seattle, we bring to you some interesting facts about this city.


Facts about Washington-Seattle that attracts thousands of tourists

If you’ve been planning to move to Seattle or want to simply visit the place, this post is for you. There’s more to this city than the stereotypes of the Pacific Northwest or the Metropolitan Gem.


1. Over 50% of Seattleites have a university degree

You will find some of the most literate people in Seattle. Known to have one of the highest literacy rates is Seattle where more than 50 percent of young adults above 25 hold a university degree. Compared to the number of undergraduate college degrees, Seattle is home to the most well-educated population.


2. Highest number of bookstores and libraries

If you’re an avid reader then this city has gold to offer! We’re talking about books and more books. The city is again home to a large number of bookstores and libraries, further supporting the literacy rate. The Seattle Public Library system has the highest per-capita percentage of library card holders in America.


3. The Mysterious Fremont Troll

Located under Seattle’s George Washington Bridge, the Fremont Troll is a Seattle statue that has its share of mystery. Almost every Seattleite is familiar with the troll, but not many know about its origin. The troll is believed to be connected with the Three Billy Goats Gruff fairytale, designed by Seattle artists in 1989.


4. The Pink Elephant is the most photographed

Not a real one but the Pink Elephant Car Wash sign on Battery Street at Denny Way. Contrary to popular belief that the Space Needle is the most photographed, it’s actually the Pink Elephant sign board that holds the honor, making it a historical landmark.


5. The cyclist-friendly city

If you’re a fitness freak, or want to travel free of cost as a tourist – get a bicycle! You will find several cyclists riding back and forth to work. Seattle is known for its passionate cyclists, and the city is known to have the best commuting facilities for them. Another interesting fact is that in 1987, Seattle became the first city in the US to outfit law enforcement officials with bicycles.


6. Home to the first 24/7 radio station

To the radio lovers out there and those who love to listen to the news or some soothing music in your car, Seattle has a history here too. Seattle’s KEXP FM was originally called KCMU, and it was the first radio station in the US to run seven days a week, throughout each day. It played some of the most legendary songs that are famous even today, like the Bronx hip-hop artists and DJ Grandmaster Flash.


7. Float your boat – literally!

Seattle has the largest waterbody house; basically, the highest houseboat population in the city. You will find some amazing bridges, and what’s more interesting is that some of them are floating bridges. One of the world’s longest floating bridges is known as the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. The second longest bridge is known as the Lacey V. Murray Memorial Bridge. And the world’s first floating bridge is the Mercer Island Floating Bridge.


Just what is a floating bridge all about? Well, these are bridges that use floats or shallow-draft boats to ensure supporting the continuous travel of pedestrians and vehicles. There’s a limit to how much these boats can carry due to the limit in buoyancy. That said, compared to other traditionally constructed bridges with cement, steel and brick, floating bridges prove more economical for shorter distances and lighter travel.


8. Highest number of glassblowing studios

Do you love to look at creatively designed sculpted glass arts? Do you have a sculpted glass design at home? Seattle offers you the Pacific Northwest, known as the Glassblowing Capital of the United States. Dale Chihuly is the popular glassblowing artist in Seattle, among the hundreds known. Tacoma-born Chihuly and Whidbey Island-based Fritz Dreisbach studied under Harvey Littleton, the American glassblowing pioneer.


9. More cats and dogs than children in Seattle

Are you a dog or a cat lover? Doesn’t matter, Seattle’s got both! According to the 2010 US Census data, the city is home to 180,000 domestic canines compared to the 110,000 children. At the same time, cats seem to be more popular as nearly 190,000 felines live in Seattle homes.


Living a fit lifestyle to enjoy the magnificence of this city becomes all the more necessary. Dr2bThin is now open to all its clients in Washington-Seattle, book an appointment today.


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