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Phentermine, a popular weight loss drug helps you lose bodyweight by suppressing your appetite. However, phentermine is not an alternative for a healthy diet, and exercise and pit can only help you shed weight only if the proper diet and exercise are followed.


Several people lost weight using phentermine however, the results may differ from person to person. The results are based on their reaction, how long they use it, and their weight loss activities.


For certain people whom the medication is not proved to be successful can depend upon other means to lose weight.

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In order to use phentermine as a weight loss medication a physician (and or his trained licensed staff) should first review patient chart and then must have a live consult with the patient to ensure that phentermine is safe for him/her.


We are regulated by F.D.A.

Points to Note While Taking Phentermine:

The right menu plan is important!

Mediterranean diet is our suggestion for you. Once you the form and create an account with Dr2bThin here, we will email you a diet plan that can help lose weight with Phentermine.


Include the following in your daily diet



Make water an important part of your diet. Drink as much water as possible. This is applicable when you are on a phentermine meal plan. You need to consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day as the more water you intake, the better your body will function, assist the body to release more of its water weights, beat dehydration and help you learn not to mistake thirst for hunger pangs. Make chilled water or green tea a part of your diet as it ensures that you take adequate water every day. Also, chilled water is easily absorbed into the body and it is easy to consume than normal water.




Increase your protein intake when you are on a phentermine meal plan as protein takes a longer time to digest and absorb. Proteins linger in the stomach for longer, making you feel full and stay longer. If exercise and diet are going together, protein intake is a must as it ensures you lose weight and not lean muscles.


Your protein intake helps in lean muscle built-up and this ensures you stay stronger and toned. The lean muscles burn calories when you are regularly exercising and the right amount of protein promises better body metabolism and more efficient fat-burning. Include turkey, skinless chicken, fish, tofu, lean beef, eggs, low-fat dairy, and nuts in your diet for adequate protein supply while you are on a phentermine diet.




Make fiber a major ingredient of your daily diet. Though fiber may not do wonders in weight loss, consuming fiber-rich food will make you feel full faster and you will end up eating less than what your body will urge. Phentermine alone suppresses your hunger pangs and fiber-rich food is a top-up that makes you feel full with fewer fats and calories. Brown rice, nuts, whole grains, beans, and baked potatoes with the skin, vegetables, berries, and bran cereal are natural-fiber sources that you can make a part of your diet.


Vegetables and Fruits


A major portion of the phentermine diet should be fruits and vegetables as this ensures you consume the same quantity of food with much fewer calories. The benefit of adding fruits and vegetables to the diet is that they add very few fats and calories to the body. Replace artificially flavored commercial fruit juices with whole fruits for better fiber content. We suggest you make cooked vegetables a part of the diet.
Also, add micro-nutrient greens to the menu at least twice a day.


Alkalizing Foods


We recommend you to consume more alkalizing foods while on a phentermine diet as it helps you maintain an alkaline urinary of 7.5-8.0. This increases the phentermine in your body and keeps your body’s alkaline levels low, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of phentermine, which include suppressed appetites and lower energy levels throughout the day. Some of the common alkalizing foods that you can make a part of your diet include tofu, chestnuts, Stevie, almonds, chili pepper, mustard, cinnamon, ginger, curry, and all types of herbs.

To know more about Phentermine, please visit our FAQs page:

Foods to Avoid While Taking Phentermine

foods to avoid for weight-lossWhile on the Phentermine meal plan, you need to stay away from certain food items as they don’t go along fine with your Phentermine meal plan. Here are some of the foods you should keep away while taking Phentermine:


Simple Carbohydrates


You need to avoid any stuff rich in carbohydrates and they get along with Phentermine. Some common foods that are high in carbohydrates include table sugar, candy, white flour products, cake, chocolate, soda, cookies, and processed cereals. Since your body digests these carbohydrates, this can bring about serious changes in your sugar levels.


These carbs are stored inside the body as fat, causing serious impacts. If you need to include carbs in your diet, make sure they are complex carbs with lots of good fiber, minerals, and some vitamins as they last longer before getting digested. Whole grain bread, legumes, oatmeal, and brown rice are examples of complex carb food items.


You need to ensure that only a limited quantity of food is consumed and you eat food early in the morning.




Avoid sugar in the diet as it supplies fructose to the body that only the liver can process. The liver processes the sugar only once it is free and if the sugar reaches the body when the liver is busy processing other foods, it stays as fat, increasing the risk of obesity, diabetes, and spikes up your cholesterol levels.


Sugar is hazardous but exists in almost all the foodstuff mentioned earlier and it also exists in all processed foods, such as frozen meals. You need to keep artificial fruit juices and dried fruits at bay as they have added sugar. Go for freshly squeezed juice and freshly harvested fruits.




Phentermine diet requires staying away from alcohol as its high sugar level negatively impacts the liver functioning and can weaken up the fat burning system of the body for days. This can make your liver incompetent to burn fats, ultimately causing serious damage to the body.


Acidifying Foods


Since the above-mentioned foods are acidifying in nature in addition to their fat-burning inhibiting nature, you need to take them off from the plate when you follow phentermine. The reason is that when you take these acidifying foods while on phentermine, the phentermine gets excreted faster from the system and it seriously damages the effectiveness. To reap the best benefit of the phentermine diet, you need to avoid alcohol, soda, sugars, coffee, ice cream, and any products made from white flour.

Always Eat Enough and Never Skip Meals

over eating and skipping meal not good for weigh-loss program

One of the biggest mistakes you do while on a phentermine diet is to keep the stomach empty. This is not the whole point here and it is one of the biggest misconceptions with phentermine. Phentermine does not want you to starve but to lose weight through healthy means. It helps you shed down excess fat from the body and control the weight by curbing weight gaining signals in the body such as uncontrolled appetite, excess hunger, increased fat storage, poor food choices, and slow metabolism. It reduces appetite but skipping meals or staying hungry is not the goal as such unhygienic and unscientific methods can cause serious damages in the long run.


You would have noticed that fat starts accumulating over muscles and starving or restricting diet will excite you with weight loss and over the muscles but ultimately, it weakens the muscles through a reduction in basal metabolic rate (BMR). This makes future weight gain easier. This is one of the bloopers of the misuse of phentermine. You lose large amounts of weight to only gain it all back in a short time and phentermine is not meant for it.

A properly nutritious diet is mandatory for everyone and it should be a combo of micro and macro-nutrients. When we use phentermine as a ticket to starve, we are not helping to keep the body fit but instead, we are hurting it because it won’t last for a long time and the lack of nutrition can seriously devastate the body.


Starvation is not the process to shed weight and phentermine is not mean to starvation. Instead, it is a ticket to weight loss through healthy means.

Poor Diet and Improper Nutrition

poor dietTo survive healthily, we all need nutrition. It is responsible for the health, wellness, and growth of the body. According to different schools of thought, the amount, timing, and type of nutrition are different, but every school agrees to the point that nutrition is the primary ingredient and without it, we cannot live healthily. A body without proper micro and macro-nutrients will find it difficult to survive. Malnutrition or poor nutrition is the result of inadequate vitamins, minerals, micro and macro-nutrients to excess “bad” or toxic foods consumed and it can cause various diseases and increased morbidity.

Phentermine reduces the intense hunger in you and puts a curb on many of the cravings for the wrong foods that make you gain weight gain. Doing this, helps you focus on the right foods, smaller portions, and proper nutrient balance. Maintaining a balanced diet consisting of proper nutrition helps in losing excess weight, increase energy, and overall performance. It also resolves nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, and the rebound hunger and cravings that are outcomes of “crash diets”.

Overestimate Phentermine

FDA-approved weight loss medications can indeed provide impressive outputs but they are not magic pills. To lose weight, there are no magic tools but what’s required is to control negative physiology that paves the way to weight gain and to inculcate positive lifestyle and physiology centered on weight loss.
You need to understand that weight loss physiology is not just limited to diet and exercise, but a lot more factors such as proper stress management, sleep, hormonal balance, environment, emotions, and many more are involved. When we overestimate the impact of the medication, we make ourselves disappointed.

The impact of phentermine is vast and wide and it differs from person to person. The medical and obesity history, habits, other medications, and various other factors determine the impact the medication will have on a person.


Phentermine may not give a positive result to everyone. But it can work effectively on a few individuals for several months and it may also fail to cause any impact on certain people. A few will have minimal to limited effect while several others will have an effect that may quickly wear off.

It is important to note that phentermine works best when the user successfully coordinates both a healthy diet and adequate physical activity. When you take the medication without compromising on the lifestyle and changing the habits, it will not create long-term weight loss and may bring back the weight in near future.

Taking Phentermine at the Wrong Time

For better results, phentermine is taken early in the morning and it is a once a day medication. It does not matter if the medication is taken on an empty stomach or post-breakfast but it needs to be taken early in the day. Phentermine has the side effect of energy and focus that causes insomnia or trouble sleeping. Insomnia increases later in the day of taking the medication and hence, you must consume it in the early morning so that sleep quantity and quality are uninterrupted. You need to remember that proper sleep is required for effective weight loss.

Skipping or Forgetting to take Phentermine

All medications require proper consultation with a doctor and phentermine is no different. You need to consult a doctor starting the medication. Consuming phentermine daily, especially at the start is very important. Intake of phentermine reduces appetite, increases metabolism, and elevates energy but skipping or stopping it can have the opposite effects. Premature discontinuation of phentermine can cause intense hunger, cravings, and fatigue.

Phentermine successfully treats obesity and its track record is impressive. However, you need to take the medication under the direct supervision of a physician or medical weight loss doctor and as directed with a comprehensive weight loss program.


Patient should wean themselves of the medication.