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The entire process from Live consultation with Medical professionals to facilitating and execution of internal prescription costs- $ 77.99

Physician assisted weight loss



Book Your Appointment For virtual Weight Loss Consultation with Prescription costs -$ 72.99



Brand new Patient Process:

  1. After your New patient consultation with authorized medical team members , we handle internally the entire process by generating an internal prescription, which our staff follows up to the point of facilitating upto the time your medication is shipped first class via usps
  2. This process can take upto 24 hours after you have a face to face virtual consultation. After your medical report is approved by the Physician or authorized medical staff your prescription is processed for shipment.
  3. Now you have to wait to receive an invoice from Wave Payment Solutions (check your spam) On receipt of payment your shipment goes out. The package is shipped via first class usps and you are also sent your tracking from USPS. For any queries you may email to or track your shipment on
  4. The total charge for the Entire process of consultation upto facilitating completion is $76.99 +$5.95 shipping & handling = = $82.94
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Several people with a BMI above 30 suffer from the ill effects of obesity like heart diseases, insulin resistance, diabetes, breathing issues, and more.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that when you lose weight, you do it based on professional medical advice.

Dr2bThin offers a proper weight loss strategy that you can rest assured lose weight the right way. There is no faster way to lose weight, but accelerating your efforts is possible.

That said, our online Phentermine doctor in Georgia will help you get back into shape with the right medical guidance and treatment.

All you have to do is fix an appointment with us.


  • The consultation is free. You do not have to pay to see the doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant.
  • Simply fill out the medical form given to you online.
  • Our medical professional team will review your form.
  • They will then call you on your booked time and discuss your health goals.


Why choose us for your weight loss journey?

Our online Phentermine doctor in Georgia takes every patient seriously. Here at Dr2bThin, we understand the struggles in trying to lose weight. Therefore, to compliment your efforts in making your weight loss journey a success, we may prescribe an FDA-approved weight loss drug – Phentermine. It helps to accelerate your combined efforts to lose weight through diet and exercise.

However, this drug is not recommended for everyone. Many other contraindications are associated with Phentermine. So, it’s wise to first seek consultation with our online Phentermine doctor in Georgia.


How does Phentermine work?

Phentermine is an FDA-approved weight-loss drug that is available only through a prescription. This drug is not freely available, as it is only prescribed for significantly overweight or obese patients after assessing their present medical conditions and complications.

Phentermine works by suppressing one’s appetite and giving them the energy to sustain throughout the day.

Contact us to get a free medical weight loss consultation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Phentermine is an FDA-approved drug and is well tolerated for decades. Therefore, it works efficiently when taken under a professional healthcare expert’s guidance. Get a free medical weight loss consultation from our online Phentermine doctor in Georgia to know more.

No. Phentermine is not for maintaining healthy weight. It’s a drug that is given to people with obesity and who are unable to lose weight after all other efforts have failed.

No. Combining the Phentermine and alcohol can increase your risk for cardiovascular and central nervous system side effects, such as increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, chest pain, dizziness,

drowsiness, concentration issues, and depression.

Phentermine is not prescribed for people with slightly overweight as it is most likely that a proper diet and suitable exercise routine will suffice.

Yes, if you are prescribed Phentermine from Dr2bThin, after you are cleared by our medical staff during your face to face online consultation.

An internal prescription for Phentermine is then generated and simultaneously you receive an invoice for Phentermine once your payment is cleared we get an automatic alert to ship you.

Please ensure that your full name and your address matches your driver’s license (or you have another form of identification to satisfy our medical professionals.)

This will help us to be compliant.