Phentermine - Myths and Facts Described

Phentermine – Busting a few myths!

Phentermine – Busting a few myths!


  1. Isn’t it that scary fen-phen drug?

The first question that comes to the patients mind when prescribed phentermine is that whether phentermine is the fen-phen drug that gotten America worried in the late 1990’s. While there is no denying that fen-phen drug (which had combination of fenfluramine and phentermine) caused heart valve disease and primary pulmonary hypertension, the FDA has now confirmed that the side-effects were only caused by the fen part of the drug i.e. fenfluramine. Consequently, the FDA withdrew the fen part of the drug and confirmed that there was no contribution from phentermine part of the fen-phen drug in causing the deadly side-effects. Hence, rest assured this drug is safe and an important value addition to your over-all weigh loss program. Phentermine is NOT Fen phen.


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  1. Phentermine can be taken by anyone!!

A strict NO. Firstly, Phentermine should only be taken by patients who have been prescribed to do so by medical practitioners. Phentermine should be avoided by patients above 60 years of age and is clearly not a good idea for patients suffering from coronary heart disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, or in patients with a history of drug abuse. Moreover, phentermine is generally prescribed for. patients with BMI more than 30 and in some cases of over-weight category wherein patients have BMI above 27, but in such cases; only if there is some serious weight related medical condition.


  1. I will lose weight whenever I have the drug!!

Again, a strict No.! For phentermine to take effect you shall take one pill a day, for three months straight. There’s no magic to the medicine in order for this to work food habits have to change along with incorporating physical exercise. That being said in some cases, the doctor can prescribe phentermine for a longer period of time with a one month break.


  1. As an FDA approved drug, there are no side-effects to Phentermine?

A lot of people think that just because a drug has been approved by FDA, it doesn’t contain any side-effects. This is not true. There are a few side effects as every drug has some, and so is the case of phentermine. Insomnia and dry mouth are the two of the most complained ones with 6 out of 10 patients facing the same. However, to counter insomnia, phentermine is suggested to be taken early morning and as for dry mouth, patients are suggested to increase their water intake. Apart from this, a few patients also complain of increased head rate, blood pressure, constipation and nervousness. As rare as it could be, it is still better to keep an eye on the blood levels while you are on the drug and take up the matter with your doctor in case of any irregularities. That being said, these cases are only in a rare few.


  1. Phentermine can be taken when pregnant!

NO! The urge of taking phentermine to counter over excessive weight gain during the times of pregnancy is not uncommon. It is imperative to understand that during pregnancy one cannot take Phentermine. The same also goes to post-pregnancy for breast feeding mothers. Bottom line is it shouldn’t be taken by pregnant or breast-feeding / lactating mother.


  1. Is Phentermine enough to lose weight ?

While the effectiveness of phentermine cannot be challenged, it would be wrong to say phentermine by itself could help you lose significant weight. It is necessary to continue with lifestyle and dietary changes and is generally recommended to take only under doctor supervision. Again, phentermine is not a wonder drug it is part of an overall weight loss plan. In order to get good results from Phentermine one should follow a recommended diet and exercise regimen.


In order to achieve long term results, one requires a lifestyle changes.


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