Phentermine - A most Prescribed Drug for Weight Loss

Phentermine – The most effective and prescribed weight loss drug

Phentermine – The most effective and prescribed weight loss drug


Phentermine is an FDA approved drug prescribed for weight loss especially for obese and in some case for over-weight individuals. It was approved way back in 1959, but its effectiveness was not recognized until recently. Obese and over-weight levels are calculated via the Body Mass Index (BMI) i.e. measuring weight in relation to one’s height. Individuals are considered obese if their BMI crosses over 30 and considered over-weight if they have a BMI index between 25-30.


The chronic and tenacious nature of Obesity is slowly but surely being considered by people all over the globe. It is believed that obesity has affected over 70 million adults in the US alone, as per a 2018 report by NHANES. Changes in diet, lowering calorie intake and lifestyle changes have been generally propagated to counter obesity, however, such programs are not definitive and have a 50-50 success ratio. Hence, phentermine comes into the picture which is the most prescribed weight loss drug in the US that is instructed to be complemented with dietary changes and moderate exercise.


The science behind working of phentermine is that it increases the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain owing to which there is a decrease in the level of hunger in one’s body. Low levels of Neurotrasnmitters in brain such as serotonin, dopamine tend to excite the appetite level in a body and hence phentermine, being a psychostimulant cuts down this level by increasing neurotransmitter levels, consequently making the body feel less hungry. This finally reduces your appetite thereby reducing your weight.


This brings us to the important question – Are there any side effects? Like any prescribed medicine, phentermine also has a few, side effects like insomnia and drying of mouth. However, such side effects could be dealt with by increasing water intake in your body as well as avoiding taking phentermine in the evenings/night. It is advised that phentermine is taken in the early morning with a full glass of water to avoid such side effects of insomnia and at least 3-4 litres of water to counter dry mouth and such other symptom, if any.


Phentermine is most effective when regularly taken (one a day) for 12 weeks at a stretch. The first 4 weeks of phentermine intake shows the maximum reduction is body weight and then gradually decreases over the course of 8 weeks.


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Who should avoid phentermine?

Any person below the age of 60 should generally avoid phentermine. Moreover, this drug is not a good idea for patients who suffer from coronary heart disease, arrhythmia patients, unrestrained high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, or in patients who have a history of drug abuse.


Hence, Phentermine is only prescribed after a strict scrutiny of the patient viz. the patient’s medical history, level of obese, age etc.  Our team at Dr2bthin continuously monitors for the side effects in patients who are prescribed with phentermine. Although very minimal, few patients face dizziness, heart rate palpitations, pain in the chest and our team considers such potential side effects for the betterment of overall health of the patients.


That being said, the benefits of phentermine most certainly outweigh the side effects it possesses, which are bare minimum. Moreover, the flying and long-term success rate of its intake especially for the first 12 weeks period cannot be contested and is enough reason for patients to switch to this drug alongside their regular weight loss programs.


Moreover, in a recent study conducted by Dr David Arterburn, a senior investigator at Kaiser Permanent Washington Health Research Institute has confirmed that there is, in fact, no such linkage between longer use of the drug and risk of cardio vascular disease (as has been claimed in a few places) and additionally that patients could use the drug continuously for two years and show improvement in their weight loss, but such should be continuously monitored by doctors prescribing the drug.


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