Prevent Fast food cravings at chips o’clock

Prevent Fast food cravings

Prevent Fast food cravings


What time is it – chips, donut, ice cream or pizza o’clock? You want to grab that snack because it’s the only thought that won’t budge. There’s homemade soup, oats in the kitchen, and granola with yogurt and fresh strawberries, but you want donuts.


Sugar and fast foods are almost everyone’s favorite. Yes, they pack a delicious flavor, but they’re also your road to an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s also the stubbornness of the mind to refuse to eat anything that is less tasty than deep-fried foods. It only gets worse once you gain more weight and find it impossible to shed those extra pounds.


Going back to your ideal body weight is a difficult journey, especially if you’ve to resist fast food cravings. There are many contributing factors like stress-eating or you simply like that snack very much. In this blog, we’re here to bring you five ways to beat those cravings.


Prevent Fast Food Cravings

Five ways to beat fast food cravings


  1. Avoid getting extremely hungry


Keep healthy snacks close at hand, so you can satisfy your appetite when you’re hungry. Also, don’t travel on an empty stomach to the supermarket where you are likely to buy sugary foods because your brain demands it.


  1. Drink water


Drink lots of water before a meal because it can help you eat less during the meal. In addition, the body sometimes confuses thirst for hunger, making you think you need a snack. Drink a large glass of water and wait a few minutes. If the craving fades, it’s probably because your body was thirsty and not hungry.


  1. Eat more protein


Eating a high-protein breakfast can significantly reduce cravings. Having a protein-rich meal can make you fuller and satisfied for longer. Increasing protein intake also decreases your desire to snack at night.


  1. Social distancing from cravings


It’s time to play tricks on your mind. The moment you crave a snack, take a shower, or go for a brisk walk. Change your environment or train of thoughts to beat the intensity of your craving. What about when you crave a snack at night? Try some deep breathing exercises to help you fall asleep or drink a cup of milk rather than eating that sugary snack. Remember, a craving always fools you into thinking that it’s okay to cheat this one time; it’s not!


  1. Try to reduce your stress levels


Stress induces food cravings, and at the time, there’s nothing else you can think of but food. Okay, you know how to tackle a food craving, but there’s another bad part about stress. Stress releases a hormone called cortisol, which makes you gain weight, especially in the belly area. Practice breathing exercises, slow down and divert your mind. There’s always a way through your problems; stress isn’t one of them.


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