Information regarding our practices:

Please review: Information about you may or may not be disclosed.  This section also informs you on how to access this information.

This notice takes effect on January 1, 2005 and remains in effect until we replace it.



    Your privacy is extremely important to us, as  your medical information is personal and we are committed to protecting it.  Records regarding your care, services provided, and goods will stored in you system.  It is important to have it in order to  provide you with quality care and to comply with certain legal requirements. We want to inform you that we may use and share medical information about you. Your rights and certain duties we have regarding the use and disclosure of medical information are also available.


    By Law, we are required to:

      1. Maintain confidentiality.
      2. Let you know our legal duties, privacy practices, and your rights regarding your medical information.
      3. Follow the terms of the information provided.

    Our Rights include:

      1. Change our privacy practices and the terms of this information at any time, provided that the changes are permitted by law.
      2. Modify our privacy practices and the new terms provided here, effective for all medical information that we keep, including information previously created or received before the changes.

    Change to Privacy Practices:

    1. Prior to implementing changes in our privacy practices, we will change this notice and make the new notice available upon request.

    We have listed all of the different ways we are permitted to use and disclose medical information. It should be noted that, not every use or disclosure will be listed. We will not use or disclose your medical information for any purpose not listed below without your specific written authorization. Information what has been authorized by you may be revoked at any time by writing to us at the address provided.

    FOR TREATMENT: We may use medical information about you to provide you with medical treatment or services. Disclosure of medical information about you may be released to health care professionals (including doctors, nurses, technicians, medical assistants, or other people who are taking care of you). Furthermore, we may also share medical information about you to your other health care providers to assist them in treating you.

    PAYMENT: Disclosing your medical information for payment purposes may be necessary . Third party biller is where your bill may be sent. The information on or accompanying the bill may include your medical information.

    FOR HEALTH CARE OPERATIONS: We may use and disclose your medical information for our health care operations. This might include measuring and improving quality, evaluating the performance of employees, conducting training programs, and getting the accreditation, certificates, licenses and credentials we need to serve you.

    Facility Directory: In addition to using and disclosing your medical information for treatment, payment, and health care operations, we may use and disclose medical information for the following purposes:

    Notification: We may use and disclose medical information to notify or help notify: a family member, your personal representative or another person responsible for your care. We will share information about your location, general condition, or death. If you are present, we will get your permission if possible before we share, or give you the opportunity to refuse permission. In case of emergency, and if you are not able to give or refuse permission, we will share only the health information that is directly necessary for your health care, according to our professional judgment. We will also use our professional judgment to make decisions in your best interest about allowing someone to pick up medicine, medical supplies, x-ray or medical information for you.

    Disaster Relief: We may share medical information with a public or private organization or person who can legally assist in disaster relief efforts.

    Funeral Director, Coroner, Medical Examiner: Examiner: To help them carry out their duties, we may share the medical information of a person who has died with a coroner, medical examiner, funeral director, or an organ procurement organization.

    Specialized Government Functions: Subject to certain requirements, we may disclose or use health information for military personnel and veterans, for national security and intelligence activities, for protective services for the President and others, for medical suitability determinations for the Department of State, for correctional institutions and other law enforcement custodial situations, and for government programs providing public benefits.

    Court Orders and Judicial and Administrative Proceedings: We may disclose medical information in response to a court or administrative order, subpoena, discovery request, or other lawful process, under certain circumstances. Under limited circumstances, such as a court order, warrant, or grand jury subpoena we may share your medical information with law enforcement officials. We may share limited information wit a law enforcement official concerning the medical information of a suspect, fugitive, material witness, crime victim or missing person. We may share the medical information of an inmate or other person in lawful custody with a law enforcement official or correctional institution under certain circumstances.

    Public Health Activities: As required by law, we may disclose your medical information to public health or legal authorities charged with preventing or controlling disease, injury or disability, including child abuse or neglect. We may also disclose your medical information to persons subject to jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration for purposes of reporting adverse events associated with product defects or problems, to enable product recalls, repairs or replacements, to track products, or to conduct activities required by the Food and Drug Administration. We may also, when we are authorized by law to do so, notify a person who may have been exposed to a communicable disease or otherwise be at risk of contracting or spreading a disease or condition.

    Victims of Abuse, Neglect, or Domestic Violence: We may use and disclose medical information to appropriate authorities if we reasonably believe that you are a possible victim of abuse, neglect, or domestic violence or the possible victim of other crimes. We may share your medical information if it is necessary to prevent a serious threat to your health or safety or the health or safety of others. We may share medical information when necessary to help law enforcement officials capture a person who has admitted to being part of a crime or has escaped from legal custody.

    Workers Compensation: We may disclose health information when authorized or necessary to comply with laws relating to workers compensation or other similar programs.

    Health Oversight Activities: We may disclose medical information to an agency providing health oversight for oversight activities authorized by law, including audits, civil, administrative, or criminal investigations or proceedings, inspections, licensure or disciplinary actions, or other authorized activities.

    Law Enforcement: Under certain circumstances, we may disclose health information to law enforcement officials. These circumstances include reporting required by certain laws (such as the reporting of certain types of wounds), pursuant to certain subpoenas or court orders, reporting limited information concerning identification and location at the request of a law enforcement official, reports regarding suspected victims of crimes at the request of a law enforcement official, reporting death, crimes on our premises, and crimes in emergencies.

    Appointment Reminders: We may use and disclose medical information for purposes of sending you appointment postcards or otherwise reminding you of your appointments.

    Alternative and Additional Medical Services: We may use and disclose medical information to furnish you with information about health-related benefits and services that may be of interest to you, and to describe or recommend treatment alternatives.

    You Have a Right to:
    1. Look at or get copies of certain parts of your medical information. You may request that we provide copies in a format other than photocopies. We will use the format you request unless it is not practical for us to do so. You must make your request in writing and to the address listed at the top of this notice. If you request copies, we will charge you $0.25 for each page, and postage if you want the copies mailed to you.
    2. Receive a list of all the times we or our business associates shared your medical information for purposes other than treatment, payment, and health care operations and other specified exceptions.
    3. Request that we place additional restrictions on our use or disclosure of your medical information. We are not required to agree to these additional restrictions, but if we do, we will abide by our agreement (except in the case of an emergency).
    4. Request that we communicate with you about your medical information by different means or to different locations. Requests must be made in writing to the address listed at the top of this notice.
    5. Request that we change certain parts of your medical information. We may deny your request if we did not create the information you want changed or for certain other reasons. If we deny your request, we will provide you a written explanation. You may respond with a statement of disagreement that will be added to the information you wanted changed. If we accept your request to change the information, we will make reasonable efforts to tell others, including people you name, of the change and to include the changes in any future sharing of that information.
    6. If you have received this notice electronically, and wish to receive a paper copy, you have the right to obtain a paper copy by making a request in writing to the address listed at the top of this notice.

We are there for you. Please give us first chance to help resolve any issue you may have and you have my promise as Dr.Date that i will do my best to resolve it in a timely manner.My direct e mail is —-

If you have any questions about this notice or if you think that we may have violated your privacy rights, please contact us. You may also submit a written complaint to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. You may contact us to submit a complaint or submit requests involving any of your rights in Section 4 of this notice by writing to the address listed at the beginning of this notice. At your request, we will provide you with the address to file your complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. We will not retaliate in any way if you choose to file a complaint.


We are there for you. Please give us first chance to help resolve any issue you may have and you have my promise as Dr.Date that i will do my best to resolve it in a timely manner. My direct e mail is —-


Your privacy is very important to us. Accordingly, we have developed this policy in order for you to understand how we
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The following outlines our privacy policy.


When accessing the website, CBD Hemp Experts will learn certain information about you during
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How Do We Use the Information That You Provide to Us?


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Email Policies


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