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Phentermine Reordering Instructions


Its super easy to reorder once its time please follow instructions:

    1. Dr. Date needs TO SEE you New selfie picture taking your blood pressure with your arm in the cuff —your face and digital blood pressure numbers should be visible. Blood pressure to be –139/89 or under.Pulse to be below 100.
    2. You can do your blood pressure in any one of the three ways convenient to you.
      1)With a home unit
      2)At Any pharmacy– CVS etc or at Walmart.
    3. Now send New picture of the face with arm in the cuff showing New Blood pressure to Dr.Date at:

  1. We will not ship more than 6 bottles in a 12 month period. Please wait 23 days before reordering..We are supervised by State & Federal Agencies and one must comply.
  2. After reviewing a password will be sent to you can use to purchase this password we change every month and reordering patients should not share with anyone.
  3. Instruction to take Phentermine:
    Once u start PHENTERMINE u have to take ½ a pill each day for the first 7 days with ¼ glass milk or Almond milk.
    For reordering your second month supply please wean yourself off for the last 7 days of the month with ½ a pill a day.
  4. Recheck to ensure that your reorder request has gone in order to receive YOUR PHENTERMINE.

Thank you.

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Entire New York
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