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Dr. Date & his team of Medical experts have developed these
Cbd / Hemp products for your benefit after doing many years of research.


No more prescription pills, just take a few drops of 500 mgs of tincture sleep oil under your tongue from dr2bthin and you will get into a relaxed sleep.There is no price for experiencing natural sleep.

– Kay j

De-stress cbd of dr2 thin is so great that it took the edge of my anxiety and stress.This is an amazing product.I apply it at night on my neck ,base of the scul and back of my ears.Just 3-4 pumps is enough to give relief.

– Heather f.

Freeze roller 750 mgs was my saviour.My osteoarthritis in my lower back and knee has gotten so much better . I realised that the absorption and formulation of this roller is one of the best in the industry.Now I always keep one in my office and one at home.

– Vanity g .

I was so tired of prescription medication for anxiety and pain that I was searching for an alternative natural product.Once i started taking dr2bthin’s 1000 mgs tincture oil which is one of the best products in the market and got the relief I was looking for.

– Sofie k

My arthritis in winters and on rainy days flares up and after trying the pain freeze roller 750 mgs ,i only have wonderful things to say about dr2bthin and their product formulations.

– James l

I am 45 years young and suffer from chronic shoulder pain.I started using dr2bthin’s cbd freeze roller and their tinctures and was astounded by the results.Every time i used their product on my shoulder my hands had some left over which i applied to the front of my neck and to my surprise in 3-4 weeks i started noticing that not only the pain decreased on my shoulder but my neck and hands had fewer wrinkles.Truthfully my friends during our weekly coffee session were the first ones to notice the difference in my wrinkles. Now everyone in my group is using this product. Kudos to dr2bthin.

– Jania s

Weightloss spray

This Cbd weight loss formula takes 4-7 days to start working but it’s so magical that slowly you feel while your hunger desipate.You are less and less hungry as time progresses and you feel an overall feeling of comfort. I wish i knew earlier about Dr.Date’s weight loss formula.Thank you dr2bthin.

– Marie l

Weight loss spray by dr2bthin is a hidden jewel which took 3 years to develop and the product really works.The dosage needs to be adjusted based on weight which means start slow with 4 sprays each morning evening and then go to 6 sprays each time.

– Roger k

I have tried many products and once i got to know about dr2bthin website i became a fan of all their products.I have lost 23 pounds in 2 months and all naturally with their weight loss spray.

– J.K Roy

Tinctures -Cbd/Hemp oil

CBD tincture oils of dr2bthin are very effective. I am a researcher by profession and could not find a quality product for my inflammation and chronic pain than these Tinctures.I order for 3 months at a time and always like to keep them in my handbag too.My recommendation is start with 500 mgs of tincture cbd oil and then i progressed to 1000 mgs.

– John s

I have no words to explain the benefits I have experienced of Tinctures of this company. I mix 1/4 cup coconut oil with 1 dropper of cbd oil from Tincture. After using my cbd coconut dilution on my face my wrinkles ,dry skin, my knee pain and my arthritic fingers all these areas started rejuvenating and my pain and arthritis pain came under control.Sincerely i give Triple a rating on this product.

– Adam c


Fantastic product for Allergies and Asthma.Within a week of starting this product my breathing improved.I think Dr.Date’s research team is a phenomenon.I highly recommend this product.I started with 500 mgs cbd oil and within 1 month graduated to 1000 mgs.

– Adam c


I am a living proof that the frequency of my Migraines has gone down .Presently i take 1000 mgs cbd oil TINCTURE and this doze work for me.

– Steph


For the first time I now sleep deep by taking twice a day 1/2 a dropper each time of Cbd/Hemp oil.

– Tunnu b

I believe these products are very nourishing and effective because of the research which has gone into it. I take 1000 mgs of Cbd oil twice a day (total 2000 mgs )from dr2bthin website and these particular oil’s are of premium quality.

– Penny x

Antioxidant Cream Moisturising

I could never believe this antioxidant cream has so many oils in them like avocado and jojoba oils, plus rosehip, carrot, and organic neem oil along with vitamins like A,B,C,E and Cbd oil. My skin is totally revived and feels dewy , deeply revived and rejuvenated. My wrinkles appear softer and not too prominent.

– Ash r

I cleaned my cosmetic bag of all the clutter I acquired over time after I started using this antioxidant moisturizing product.I apply this moisturizer on my face,neck and elbows. Now my skin looks fresh. I have decided that from now onwards all my birthday and christmas gifts for all my friends and family is this jar of moisture.Yes the best gift of nourishment.

– Genelia d


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