The Miracle of Eating No-Cook Meals

The Miracle of Eating No-Cook Meals

The Miracle of Eating No-Cook Meals


Some people love to cook but don’t have the time. Some people don’t want to cook because they don’t prefer spending more than an hour in the kitchen, and also, they don’t have the luxury of time.


No-cook meals can be healthier compared to cooked meals, but this depends on the type of dish. Some cooked meals are deeply fried, or too much oil is used. Some meals have too much salt, and so on. What you eat really matters, but if you want to do away with adding too much of oils, salt or sugar; how about trying no-cook meals?


In today’s blog post, we’re going to talk about preparing your meals without having the need to cook them. This way, you save on cooking time!


Eating no-cook meals that are healthy

Changing a lifelong habit of eating cooked food is going to take some time. However, once you realize the amount of time you save, you’ll love the process. You’ll also notice that you don’t need as many ingredients as you did before, simply because you cook less or not cook at all.


Convenience foods

Try working with canned pulses like chickpeas, beans and lentils that are quick and easy to make. Yes, you have to cook them but they won’t take as long as it takes to cook from scratch.


Alternatively, you can watch the lentils and toss them into a salad. This would be an entirely no-cooked meal. If you want to add some carbs to the mix, buy some precooked bags of rice and grains.


When buying convenience foods, you can skip the ready to cook pizza and hash brown boxes. Directly head over to the frozen bags of veggies, fruits, and leafy greens section. You can even get herbs, if you want. As a result, you get to eat healthy, waste less food, and save money.


Cooking in advance

You could call it a trick but it works. Pre cook your meals by planning the right time. Preparing these meals involves cooking, but at least you’ve done it when you’re not in a rush to leave home.


So, what can you pre cook in batches? Stews, curries, and chillies, and then freeze them for future use, and on days you can’t cook. You can reheat your meal whenever you want to eat them, like after that long day at work.


Split the responsibility

You and your partner or the roommate you live with can divide your cooking duties. This way, you can make your meals without cooking on selected days. The other days, your partner or roommate can prepare no-cook meals.


This particular approach is mainly to help you save time. It also helps you make sure not to unhealthy eating habits due to lack of time to prepare a meal.


No-cook snacks

Meals are spaced apart by a few hours. It’s likely to crave for snacks in-between meals. However, when you’re at the highest peak of craving snacks, you tend to choose a snack without giving it much thought. Is the snack healthy or not? You really don’t want to spend much time thinking, because you’ve already slipped into hungry mode. You want to eat something to satisfy your hunger and want to make sure it’s tasty.


We recommend you have fruit, vegetables and nuts when possible, and not wait until you feel incredibly hungry. Waiting till you feel extremely hungry can only make you feel lowers your ability to differentiate between a healthy and unhealthy snack. You may know it’s not healthy for you, but you really don’t want to give it much thought. The trick is to make sure that you eat intermittently a fruit, veg sticks or nuts every two hours. This way, you avoid working on an empty stomach. And you’re also not piling on additional calories.


Your journey to losing weight and eating healthy

Cooking healthy food and having no-cook meals that are healthy at the same time are entirely your decision. This holds true too when you’re trying to cut down on consuming more calories.


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