Three Proven ways to keep you from skipping your Workouts

Three Proven ways to keep you from skipping your Workouts

Three Proven ways to keep you from skipping your Workouts


Are you on a mission to lose weight? Then it would help if you had some self-motivating habits and practices to keep you on track.


Three Proven Ways To Keep You From Skipping Your Workouts

How to stay motivated and not skip your workouts

There are several ways to stay motivated, but it depends on what works for you. We’ve found our patients achieving outstanding weight loss results in these three highly effective ways. We’re sharing them with you too!


  1. Give yourself a weight loss target and a reward

It’s wise to set a target with duration. For instance, you can aim to lose about 4 lbs every week. That means you stand to lose 16 lbs within a month. Now, for completing your set duration, add a reward at the end of the month for not giving up while striving to lose 16 lbs within a month. Your reward should not be an unhealthy snack. Buy yourself nutritious smoothies, but even better, buy a dress that you thought would not fit you before losing 16 pounds.


  1. Pay up if you don’t lose weight

Sign a committed contract with a friend that if you don’t exercise that day, you pay $30 to them. The amount will increase if you skip each day. That’s an expensive commitment, but it will get you to stay dedicated. Losing money is more heartbreaking! Studies show that signing more extended contracts helped the person exercise more than compared to a shorter duration.


  1. Positive thinking and mental contrasting

Visualize the effects of exercising on your body, for instance, feeling the sun’s rays while you go out for a jog or how light you felt after completing a run. Once this is done, begin analyzing the factors that are holding you back. This method is called Mental Contrasting that includes problem-solving. Let’s say there have two snack items in front of you. You want the chocolate roll, but that bowl of two sliced cucumbers is a healthier option. Thinking about how to surpass that craving is where you amp your problem-solving skills. Studies show that identifying the trigger to eat junk food can help you plan to avoid those foods.

Consult your online weight loss doctor

If weight loss is still an issue, and you aren’t losing the target weight you expected, consult our online weight loss doctor. If you are overweight and unable to stick to a proper diet and gain better results, our medical staff can help you. We prescribed many of our patients an FDA-approved drug. The Phentermine 37.5 weight loss results were successful. They feel light in weight, are positive towards losing more weight and are happy with the outcome.


We have several Phentermine 37.5 mg reviews that you can check on our before and after testimonials page. Mothers have gone from 188 lbs to 123 lbs; health-conscious women have lost 30 pounds in 2.5 months.

You can achieve anything you put your mind to, including accomplishing your target weight loss goals. We’ve got your back:

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