Train your mind to lose weight: Six easy ways

Train your mind to lose weight: Six easy ways

Train your mind to lose weight: Six easy ways


Most weight loss journeys include avoiding our favorite foods. We’re expected to adopt healthier eating habits, including nutritious food that does not always meet our taste preferences. That is why most people find it challenging to lose weight over time.


Therefore, it’s a case of training your mind to follow a healthy weight loss routine that prevents you from falling prey to unhealthy food choices.


Do planned food indulgences work?

When following a healthy diet, you are given a small window period to indulge in the foods you like. However, some people turn cheat meals into cheat days to eat what they want to eat for the entire day. The cheat meals include foods that are usually not permitted.


However, do these planned food indulgences work for everyone?

You may know that if you burn more calories than consumed, you will lose weight. In this case, reward-based cheat meals or cheat days are adequate, but only if well-planned and do not adversely affect caloric intake.


But, managing your weight and navigating through tricky body compositions are complex processes. So the best diet plan is the one that you can stay committed to, excluding any unhealthy fad diets. has an exceptional diet list which is sent to all patients.


Cheat meals may pull you back into bad eating habits based on your tolerance levels. Also, the word “cheat” has been negatively associated with feelings of guilt. The term usage has caused some people to lose the ability to maintain self-control with their diet plans.


Cheat meals are usually reward-based, so they’re not suited to people who struggle with emotional eating habits. Therefore, substituting the term “Cheat Meals” with “Treat Meals” has made a better impact, supporting self-regulation with healthy eating habits.


Another challenge with the cheat meal system is that some people overeat. People with binge-eating behaviors may find that the cheat meal plan could worsen eating-related issues like food addiction and other eating disorders.


Also, cheat meals should not be had with the intention to eat as much as you want while starving until the next cheat meal.


That is why training the mind to eat healthier and avoid or reduce unhealthy Food intake becomes a crucial part of successfully losing weight. has helped several patients on their weight loss journey. Phentermine 37.5mg (FDA-approved weight-loss drug) is prescribed for patients with high BMI or obesity cases. However, Phentermine is contraindicated for a small percentage of people. Hence, please consult our online weight loss doctor to see whether or not this drug will help you lose weight effectively.


Six easy ways to train your mind to lose weight


1. Find a workout buddy

Having a friend or family member to accompany you for workouts can motivate you to stay committed to an exercise routine. It is also a fun and engaging experience as you enjoy friendly competition.


2. Models are not your role models

Comparing yourself to a popular celeb model or a social media influencer can actually lead to unhealthy eating habits. Everyone has a different weight loss journey and customized diet plans that suit them. Most models’ pictures have been filtered and edited to look stunning and different from regular people. So, do not compare yourself to unrealistic standards. Instead, engage in positive self-talk to eat mindfully.


3. Use an incentivized reward system

Whenever you lose a targeted set of pounds, give yourself a cash reward. So instead of rewarding yourself with food, use money as your weight loss incentive. This way, you stay accountable for your fitness goals.


4. Hang out with people who maintain healthy diets

If you meet up with friends who do not control their eating habits, you will most likely follow the same pattern. Therefore, it is recommended that you hang out with friends dedicated to making healthier food choices. It would help if you surround yourself with people on the same journey as you.


5. Read more about the consequences of unhealthy food choices

Most people want to lose weight but can’t figure out why they should avoid certain types of foods. They soon lose the drive to follow a proper diet system. So, it is important to know why you are avoiding certain foods so that you can practice self-control better. For instance, refined carbohydrates trigger inflammation in the body, causing several chronic illnesses. You may read our blog on the reasons behind chronic conditions that enlist foods you must avoid and why.


6. Join an activity that inspires commitment

You may try to train your mind to stick to healthy food choices and physical activities. Taking part in a marathon, mountain climbing, or any other activity that demands proper fitness levels does help some people to remain dedicated to their fitness plan. Although, you must make sure not to lose motivation once you have completed the activity.


Training your mind can significantly complement your efforts and actions to lose weight. It also helps you stay focused on an effective diet plan. If you need help in your weight loss journey, book your Free online consultation with today.


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