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Understanding the Real Culprit in the Body Inflammation

Understanding the Real Culprit in the Body Inflammation


Almost all illnesses and diseases are rooted in inflammation. From cancer to diabetes, leaky gut syndrome, heart problems, liver disease, auto-immunity, and behavioral changes, among other health conditions, are primarily associated with inflammation.

What usually happens is that you consult a medical professional to understand your illness and get diagnosed with a disease. You spend more on costly medications and medical bills to combat the symptoms.

Therefore, we decided to give you a few inexpensive ways to reduce inflammation and live a healthy life. Today, we’re here to discuss precisely five intelligent strategies that can help reduce this process.


Five inexpensive ways to minimize inflammation in the body

If you are suffering from a fatty liver or struggling with the consistent onset of rashes – the culprit might be inflammation. If your bones are getting weaker due to fractures, experience muscle, or have Crohn’s disease – inflammation may be the root cause.

Like these, several diseases track back to this overwhelming response of the body. However, practicing a few easy ways to reduce inflammation can make life easier and save you from heavy future expenses on medical bills.


Here are the five inexpensive ways to reduce inflammation.


  1. Improve your sleep patterns

Our bodies are designed to wake up when the sun rises and go to bed during nighttime. However, we no longer get the proper signal to fall asleep with increased exposure to artificial light.

So, your best approach to getting baby sleep is to:

  • Expose yourself to the morning sun
  • Avoid artificial light one to two hours before bedtime
  • Make sure your room is dark to induce sleep
  • Limit your caffeine intake in the morning and before bedtime
  • Practice gratitude affirmations to relax your mind
  • Get into a pre-sleep routine 30-60 minutes before bedtime – a warm bath, reading, journaling

Sleep acts as your natural detoxification ritual, from detoxifying metabolic waste to rebuilding new neuronal connections and more processes that are critical to the brain cells.


  1. De-stress from stressful moments

Over-thinking and stressing can lead to increased inflammatory biomarkers called cytokines. If you don’t manage your stress levels effectively, this cytokine activity can expose you to infections and increase your chances of falling ill more often.

So, de-stressing leads you back to our previous point of getting the best sleep possible. Some calming exercises and meditation may also help. If the intensity of stress is still unmanageable, we recommend you seek professional consultation.


  1. Eat to fight against inflammation

Be warned about what you put into your plate. Do not fill your system with sugary foods or maintain diets where easy digestion is challenged to overwork. If the digestive tract experiences chronic inflammation, you may develop autoimmune diseases. For instance, an inflamed gut leads to a leaky gut, where unrecognizable food gets into the bloodstream, causing massive inflammation episodes.

At the same, those suffering from inflammation gain weight easily and find it difficult to lose weight.

Many patients who have complained of weight issues have reached out to us. Our medical weight loss doctor has helped provide a healthy anti-inflammatory diet with an appropriate workout routine. At the same time, some patients are put on phentermine weight loss results.

Therefore, if you suffer from overweight issues or obesity, you can book an appointment for a free medical weight loss consultation. Our friendly medical staff will review your medical case and history, free of cost. Also, if you are approved for the weight loss drug, you will be prescribed FDA-approved Phentermine online.

You must follow a few dietary guidelines, like removing sugar and grains from your diet. Replace most of your carbs with healthy fat sources like coconut oil, grass-fed butter, MCT oils, avocado, and olive oils. You could also go for nuts and seeds (if tolerated), coconut milk and avocados, or fatty cuts of pasture-raised meats.


  1. Ensure to keep moving daily

You need exercise because it keeps you active.

You feel active because your organs are functioning well.

Your organs function well because you’re moving daily.

Get it?

Keeping these organs active keeps them healthy, from your bowels to your urinary tract, sweat glands, circulatory system, lymphatics, and muscles. Inactivity increases your chances of developing further inflammation.

Daily exercise pumps the lymph fluid and boosts blood circulation to your tissues, which causes a reduction in inflammation.


  1. Drink water throughout the day

Install a reverse osmosis water system in your home to free your drinking water from toxic contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals. Also, stay hydrated by starting with 32 to 64 ounces every morning. Stop drinking 15 minutes before your meals and 30-60 minutes after your meal. Always drink water before snacking to reduce cravings, and drink water every 30 minutes throughout the day.


Adopt these five inexpensive ways of healthy living, free from the effects of inflammation.



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