Controlled Weekend Habits to Flatten Your Stomach

Weekend Habits to Flatten Your Stomach

Weekend Habits to Flatten Your Stomach


The majority of us tend to consume extra calories on weekends than on weekdays, and it’s not a surprise since, after a long hectic weekend, we all deserve a break and choose to go out with friend and families and hence it is not an uncommon thing to treat oneself and end up eating and drinking unhealthy food. While this habit cannot be controlled completely, you could try doing this rather than bringing on unhealthy food.

Weekend Habits to Flatten Your Stomach

  1. Enjoy Green Tea

Green tea has shown to have a positive effect on hunger pangs among other weight loss benefits. By indulging yourself in a green tea routine regularly on weekends, you’re most likely to not indulge in your favorite unhealthy treats. Even if you do indulge, you’ll probably eat less thanks to the tea’s health properties. Moreover, apart from this green tea also have weight loss and high metabolism properties which would help you in your weight loss routine even on weekends when you need that extra energy and motivation.


  1. Consider Wine 

Rather than going for high calorie alcohol drinks, consider having a glass or two of wine or champagne on weekend nights when you are out. Wine contains around 120 calories, while champagne features a mere 90 calories. Moreover, wine also has many health benefits so that is an added advantage on top of not putting extra pounds by drinking other calorie rich beverages. It’s understandable that the point of going out is to enjoy yourself and hence as long as you don’t drink too many of either option, you’ll also have a nice buzz without gaining serious weight. 


  1. Go Shopping

Going out clubbing or eating in your favorite cafes shouldn’t be your only weekend fun option. You could rather consider going out shopping with your friends and family which would also mean a lot of walking around and burning a good amount of fat. It is said that a 150-pound person burns up to 160 calories walking around a mall or grocery store for an hour. Hence, burn those extra calories on weekends by walking to local grocery and retail stores or shopping malls and carry the products back home to reap weight training benefits. 


  1. Adjust Your Brunch Orders

We all love to treat ourselves with attractive and yummy food products like pancakes, waffles, and ice creams during our brunch outings, however, them being heavy on additives; it is advised to stick to eggs instead. No matter how you order the eggs–scrambled, over easy, over medium, omelet, hard-boiled, you’re consuming a complete protein that keeps you feeling full for hours. Eating the yolks is particularly helpful because of its choline content. The nutrient boosts the metabolism and burns belly fat. 


Author: Dr. Anil Date, MD | Dr2bThin – A medically supervised weight loss program based in California, USA. For any query/assistance, reach back to us at




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