Online Weight Loss Program with Phentermine

If you’ve been struggling with weight gain issues for a long time, stop right here – we’ve got a solution. Dr2bthin offers the Phentermine weight loss program to melt away that extra body fat that refuses to leave. Prescription-based only if approved!


Online Weight Loss Program with Phentermine

We believe that anyone can improve their overall quality of life. That’s why Dr2bthin offers the online weight loss program with Phentermine. That’s right! There’s an entire program designed to improve your body composition by promoting weight loss. And, we’re backed by the best team of medical professionals to help you achieve results you thought were impossible to reach.

Several patients who’ve enrolled in our program have achieved their ideal body weight. In doing so, they’ve built up the confidence they had lost a long time ago. Giving up is not the solution when you have a program that will help turn your life around.

With this program, we’ll start by understanding your entire medical history during the first appointment. That’s when we’ll know whether Phentermine as a weight loss drug is the perfect fit for you. Below is the stepwise process given by Dr. Anil Date to avail the Phentermine weight loss program at Dr2bThin’s clinic.


Dr Date’s Phentermine Prescription Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss program is a simple process:

  • You can reach out to us by filling a form on our website.
  • Our Physician assistant will review the form and call you at the appointment booked by you.
  • If you are approved by our medical staff only then you will be getting a code to purchase Phentermine Prescription-based only if approved.


You do not have to pay to see the doctor but only for the weight loss medication, if approved. You only pay for the medications prescribed and nothing else.


What Is Phentermine?

Phentermine is a powerful weight loss prescription-only medication and is FDA-approved. It contains weight loss pills that help people lose weight by eliminating the need to eat more. It has a long list of side-effects, and an even longer list of Phentermine contradictions. This medication is not for everyone struggling with weight issues.

Phentermine is not prescribed if the patient has any pre-existing medical conditions or is consuming drug combinations that may increase the risk of experiencing adverse reactions. For this reason, the doctor will pursue a thorough review of your full medical history and current health status. You’ll also be asked about pre-existing medications and supplements before prescribing Phentermine.


How does phentermine work?

If you’ve been wondering how to lose weight on Phentermine then you need to know how it works.

The drug activates the central nervous system. It stimulates the release of certain neurotransmitters like epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine (noradrenaline) and dopamine. After this, the pills increase energy levels and alertness, reduces appetite and minimizes your craving to eat more.

Of course, prescription weight loss drugs like phentermine work well when used correctly and under your doctor’s supervision.


How Does Phentermine Work for Weight Loss?

While Phentermine may look like the hero of weight loss drugs, you should know that it’s not a miracle pill. This medication only works effectively when combined with your primary efforts in losing weight and that includes exercising and a nutritious diet.


But, how can Phentermine help to lose weight?

For those of you, who’ve been on a weight loss journey for ‘x’ amount of times, realise how hunger and lack of energy can lead you to overeat. That’s when this pill will work to suppress your appetite and also give you the energy sustenance you need throughout the day.

The best time to take Phentermine is not in the middle of the day but early in the morning with your breakfast.

Phentermine shows better results when you follow healthier habits. Once you start using this medication, you’re expected to eat healthier and commit to some daily form of physical activity. If you want this prescription to work, the best way is to make healthier choices and live an active lifestyle.


Who Can Take Phentermine?

What’s important is to understand whether you are the ideal match for these weight loss pills.

Why is that?

Well, Phentermine contradicts certain medications and even some disorders or other medical conditions.

Therefore, if you’ve been eyeing those online reviews and are tempted to buy these pills, you won’t get them if you aren’t the right match. They’re not drugs you can get over the counter. Also, as medical professionals, we strongly advise that you first consult a doctor to check if you are eligible to take this drug.

Phentermine diet pills are prescribed to adults aged 18-64 years, while patients 65 and older may be given smaller doses. Patients with a BMI of 27 or greater qualify for this medication.

To approve the consumption of Phentermine, we’ll require lab reports of the past six months, indicating proper kidney and liver function. Also, patients 39 years and above are required to get an EKG test done within six months of starting with the prescription.

At Dr2bThin, Click Here to get medical weight loss consultation with the physicians-approved medical staff.


Phentermine Can Help with Weight Loss

You read that right! The Phentermine weight loss program is designed to make sure that you lose those extra, stubborn fats the right way.

With unhealthy foods that are easily accessible, it gets really challenging to not tempt ourselves into putting the wrong foods into our body. What’s more is that disciplined lifestyle habits get slack over time. There seems to be no control over what, when, and how much we eat in one go! Over time, the weight gained and the clothes that don’t fit us anymore can leave us in a state of guilt.

Countless patients have come up to us, confessing about how easy it is to gain weight and how hard it is to lose those pounds. It’s just so difficult to say no to a blueberry macaron or put down that burrito and pick up a salad plate.

Keeping a check on what goes into your system week after week is how we need to take responsibility. It’s not just about gaining unhealthy amounts of weight. Our health suffers a great deal over time as we allow fats to accumulate in our body before we realise the impact it has on our health.

Therefore, Phentermine diet pills are prescribed to ensure we don’t indulge into unhealthy eating habits.


Phentermine: part of a healthy weight loss program

Are you ready to change your lifestyle by living the healthy way? Let’s talk about how Phentermine can become a part of a healthy weight loss program. Our job is not just to add the Phentermine diet pills to your daily diet. There’s more to it, and that’s what we’re going to tell you here.

Along with these weight loss pills, we’ll also review your diet and physical activity. You will get a diet chart and a workout routine that matches your daily schedule. So, combining the effects of Phentermine with a low carb diet and moderate exercises achieves positive results. In the process, Phentermine works its magic by reducing hunger. It increases satiety, which means you will gain a sense of fullness and not want to eat as much as you usually do. On the other hand, the fat cells in your body will be broken down as they are being targeted by the drug.


Healthy Weight Loss & Phentermine

Is healthy weight loss and Phentermine treatment synonymous?

Well yes, since you have to follow a healthy diet pattern and physical activity. Without monitoring what you put into your system, Phentermine will not be as effective. Therefore, this medication actually leads you into maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to shed those extra pounds, follow our appointment booking process:

  • Fill our online form and reach out to us.
  • Our nurse practitioner, physician or assistant will review the form and call you at the appointment booked by you.
  • You get a free tele visit appointment.
  • If your case is approved by our medical team, you get the Phentermine prescription.


You do not have to pay to see the doctor but only for the weight loss medication, if approved. You only pay for the medications prescribed and nothing else.

Phentermine helps you lose weight and gain those natural curves your body once had. After your treatment, you’ll feel as light as ever, as confident as before, and much happier with your weight loss results.


Healthy Ways to Promote and Maintain Weight Loss

There are effective ways to maintain weight loss. The two pillars that help you live a healthier and an active lifestyle is diet and exercise.

When it comes to exercise, there are several ways to commit to it for a few days every week. Again, this really depends on your schedule and how occupied you are with work or other chores. However, daily moderate exercises are ideal for maintaining the weight you’ve lost.

Once your Phentermine weight loss program ends, you don’t want to gain those extra pounds again. So, the best way to make sure that you stay healthy and active is to commit to some workout forms. It could be anything from taking up an outdoor sport activity, yoga, hitting the gym, morning jogs, etc. Your aim is to make sure you maintain an active lifestyle.

Now, the right diet involves keeping a check on what you eat. So, make sure that your diet has less carbs and more fiber. Do not completely stop carbs, as your body needs it in some amounts too. We recommend meeting up with a Dietitian to ensure that you eat healthy and drink lots of water. Consuming lots of water and losing weight go hand-in-hand.


What Are the Long-Term Side Effects of Taking Phentermine?

Phentermine is generally prescribed for 3 to 6 weeks, which depends on how you respond to the medication.

We don’t recommend long-term treatment as it can present a few symptoms of excessive drowsiness, shaking and tiredness. In rare cases, psychological and physical dependency may occur with long-term usage.

Here’s what one may experience if they took Phentermine for a longer duration:

  • Dizzy at times
  • Sleeplessness may occur
  • Tremor, restlessness, irritability and hyperactivity
  • In rare cases – vomiting, diarrhea or constipation
  • Dry mouth

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Please go to then select a time to have a consultation with our medical staff and your prescription can be sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

Fill your medical history and our medical staff will review your patient form to see if you are eligible for our program . Once they approve you then they call you at your selected consultation time to have a face to face consultation with you. If you get approved they can send your prescription to any pharmacy of your choice or help to facilitate the completion of the entire process.

Yes we do have a physical location where we presently serve our existing patients for many years for weight loss but the price structure is different when we see a patient at our location.

We have our office address and pictures of our location on Google business.

Phentermine stimulates our central nervous system to induce a –flight or flight —like reaction while suppressing the appetite .

It makes you feel full and therefore one eats less as it increases chemicals in your brain.or flight —like reaction while suppressing the appetite .

The main function of this drug is to stimulate the release of chemicals, or neurotransmitters, in the brain. The neurotransmitters whose levels are increased by this drug are norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin.

Phentermine does not alter metabolism or cause your body to burn more fat. Clearly NO.