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Dr. Anil Date
Dr. Anil Date, MD

My name is Anil Date. I grew up in sunny Southern California in the city of Santa Clarita. My youth is filled of fond memories of going to the beach with my family (mom, dad, younger brother) and playing basketball. I’ve wanted to become a physician since the eighth grade (age 13), after attending a graduation party for a family friend. He was graduating from medical school. I looked up to him and told myself, “ I want to be like him”. Since then, I have had tunnel vision regarding my goal of becoming a doctor.

This vision has taken me on an unforgettable journey. After graduation from University of Califfornia, Riverside in 2002, I attended Ross University in Dominica (a Caribbean medical school). I was on the island for two years and finished the last two years of medical school in New York City (in various hospitals located in Queens and Brooklyn). For residency, I completed three years of internal medicine at Flushing Hospital Medical Center (located in Queens, NY). After that, I completed a fellowship year in geriatrics at the same hospital. Upon completion of training (residency + fellowship), I migrated to the west coast and began hospital work in Arizona (Lake Havusu and Tucson). The next step was home: Southern California. Being back in Los Angeles since 2013, I continued hospital work. In 2018, I opened a private practice. Currently, I do both inpatient (hospital) and outpatient medicine.

Along the path, I notice that obesity is a common problem many Americans face. This is due to a multitude of reasons – education, motivation, genetics, environment, etc; As a primary care physician, I found it imperative that I motivate patients to be their best and encourage weight loss through diet and exercise. Every patient is unique in what motivates them, along with different medical issues they face. Therefore, it important to counsel them individually and create a regimen for them in effort to lose weight. Medications play in important role as well. I’m excited to help you along with his journey to achieve your goals. It will lead to confidence, better health, and overall happiness with yourself.

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Lynn S

Chief operating officer (COO)

Alica Iglesias


Alicia our outstanding Physician Assistant has been trained in handling obese and weight loss patients from the last 15 years and has experience in dealing with Phentermine.

She is a Physician assistant graduated from Western University of Health and Sciences in California 2003 and she is also Medical Doctor from university of Baja California (Mexico).She is a foreign medical graduate.(MD.)2000.

She has extensive experience in treating Weight loss, Bio identical hormone theory, Sexual disfunction therapy and has over 10 years of experience in Surgical, Urgent care settings and Telemedicine.

Roxanne Manuel



Roxanne Manuel is an experienced Physician Assistant. She has experience in several fields of medicine ranging from Internal medicine, pain medicine, and medical spa/weight loss clinics.

She graduated with her Bachelors in Biology from California State Polytechnic University and her Masters degree from Western University Health and Science in California in 2009.

She believes in treating a patient as a whole and looks at all aspects that affect health. In doing so she knows the importance of weight loss and its impact on overall well being.

Tara Oliveri
Tara Oliveri

Tara Oliveri is a Physician Assistant who currently specializes in gastroenterology and medical weight loss.

Tara obtained her Bachelor of Science degree at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and her Master degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2008. Since then she has relocated from the East Coast to Southern California.

In addition to her medical weight loss and GI experience, she has also worked in Neurology and General Pediatrics. She is passionate about fitness, nutrition and all things weight loss.

She enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids, exercising and socializing with friends and family. She believes strongly that weight loss is important for overall mental and physical health.

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