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Ditch these 8 Foods at Bedtime

Ditch these 8 Foods at Bedtime


We don’t always sleep soundly soon after hitting the bed at night. People often tend to browse through their phones or read a book. Some naturally take time to fall asleep, and some tend to overthink the next day’s schedule until it’s near impossible to fall asleep. But what happens when we’re up for a long time and want to grab a midnight snack?


The type of midnight snack you grab might keep you up at night. Therefore, it’s important to choose what you eat wisely. Probably, quick and light bites, including pumpkin seeds or a slice of turkey breast, can be good choices. These contain Tryptophan, an amino acid converted into melatonin and serotonin to help you fall off to sleep.


We often don’t want to stick to what’s good for us, and in the bargain, we end up eating the wrong foods. When consumed at midnight, these foods could increase your trips to the bathroom, trigger heartburn, and worse – nightmares.



Eight bedtime foods that you should ditch

When you’re hungry, you don’t want to pay attention to what’s good and what’s not for your digestive system. However, being aware of the harmful effects of these foods may encourage you to select and store healthier options for bedtime snacks.


  1. Pizza– Everyone’s favorite yet the most harmful. One slice of pizza contains acidic tomato sauce. Eating pizza as your bedtime snack will satisfy your hunger craving but give you a stomach ache and increase your trips to the bathroom. Cheese toppings are known to trigger nightmares.


  1. Sugary cereal– Instead of sugary cereals like cheerios, and similar ones, select a bowl of cereal that is high in fiber and low on sugar. Processed cereals that contain high amounts of sugar are quickly digested, causing a spike in blood sugar levels. This blood sugar spike creates an imbalance in your sleep hormones.


  1. Onions – Bedtime snacks that contain onion are a big no-no! They can lead to causing gas in your digestive system, creating an acid back up through your esophagus when you’re lying down.


  1. Many people feel good after eating spicy foods, but consuming them at night is not a healthy choice. Spicy foods can cause heartburn, irritate your stomach and make it harder to stay asleep.


  1. Soda – The bubbles and caffeine in sodas make for a poor bedtime choice. Sugary drinks, including sodas, will spike sugar levels that may stimulate you to stay awake, disturbing your sleeping pattern.


  1. Orange juice– Drinking orange juice at night can trigger acid reflux or create a sensitive bladder. So, replace your fruit juice with a whole fruit that gives you both fiber and carbohydrates to help you sleep.


  1. Coffee– Okay, maybe most people know that drinking coffee at night is an obvious no! But, many people have no trouble sleeping at night after having a cup of coffee. However, it is recommended to stop drinking coffee at least six hours before bedtime.


  1. Alcohol– Studies show that 20-30% of people with insomnia consume alcohol to fall asleep. While you may get light-headed after a late-night cocktail, it never improves sleep. Increased alcohol consumption and making it a habit can negatively affect your sleep cycle. People fall asleep after drinking alcohol but wake up three to four hours later, only to find it challenging to fall back to sleep.



Do bedtime snacks cause weight gain?

Your midnight snack time isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, loading up on sugary desserts or junk foods like pie, ice cream, or chips should be the last thing you want to add to your hips.


These foods are high in unhealthy fats and added sugars that trigger cravings and overeating.

While eating before bed doesn’t necessarily cause gain weight; what you put into your plate matters. Consuming berries would be a better option for those with a sweet tooth. If caffeine doesn’t bother you as much, you can try a few squares of dark chocolate. For salty snack lovers, nuts are a better option.


If you should see your body fat mass increasing and crossing high BMI levels, it’s time for a diet change.


You may consult us at Dr2bThin for a weight loss strategy suitable to you. In addition to this, we’ll also give you several options for healthy foods you can have during bedtime for a good night’s sleep.


It’s essential to adopt a suitable workout routine, preferably moderate exercises. Also, if you are eligible, our medical professional will prescribe the FDA-approved drug called Phentermine. This weight loss drug will help suppress your appetite and increase your energy levels throughout the day.


So, get a free medical weight loss consultation from Dr2bThin to kick unhealthy eating habits at bedtime that have caused you to gain more weight over the years.


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