Healthy Lunch Habits Tips to Lose Weight

Healthy Lunch Habits to Lose Weight

Healthy Lunch Habits to Lose Weight


It is believed that the most calorie intake is during your Lunchtime. Especially when you go out to have your lunch, be it your restaurants or convenience store, lunch items generally mean consuming far too many calories. Hence, start working on these tips to help yourself make healthier lunch decisions for weight loss:

Healthy Lunch habits to lose weight

  1. Always carry your own lunch

One of the primary reasons of putting on weight is eating junk food or ordering from restaurants/ cafes while you are away from home at work or school. In order to remain healthy, always make it a habit to take home cooked food to office/ school or wherever you go. You know your body and prepare food accordingly. In case you have leftovers from dinner, consider packing that alongside some green vegetables and you shall definitely see a drastic change in your body and overall lifestyle.


  1. Start drinking Green Tea

In case you prefer a beverage during your afternoon work or meal, go for a green tea, rather than cream and coffee or hot chocolate or aerated cold drinks for that matter. Green Tea is a healthier beverage that boosts the metabolism and helps your cut down on weight. However, do not use sugar; sweeten it with lemon instead of white sugar.


  1. Incorporate Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are important for your body. Not all fat makes you put on weight, rather some help you lose weight by making your body feel full, hence, choose healthy fats and adequate protein like walnuts or avocado in your meal to boost satiety so that it will make you feel full and you cut down on your post-meal munching and alternate. Also, instead of an all-vegetable salad try a bed of salad greens with grilled salmon, snap peas and walnuts for crunch, and an olive oil vinaigrette for a more satisfying meal.


  1. Eat Adequately

We often eat either less or go over the top during our meals. It is essential to know your body and eat adequately up to the point of satisfaction. If you eat less, then you end up munching more on unhealthy and junk food post meal. Similarly, if you eat more than desired, it affects your belly fat and causes stomach to expand.


  1. Avoid Meat

Meat contains protein, but it is often high in unwanted and irregular fat, especially red meat like beef, pork etc. This increases your calorie intake and makes you gain weight. It is pertinent to sometimes challenge yourself to go meatless at lunch once in a while, which will help you cut calories and work more veggies into your diet.


Author: Dr. Anil Date, MD | Dr2bThin – A medically supervised weight loss program based in California, USA. For any query/assistance, reach back to us at




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