Natural Sweetener ALLULOSE to support Blood Sugar and Weight loss

Natural Sweetener ALLULOSE to Support Blood Sugar and Weight Loss

Natural Sweetener ALLULOSE to Support Blood Sugar and Weight Loss


People suffering from diabetes or those aiming to lose extremely excess body fat are told to drastically cut down on their sugar intake. Sugar has a significant influence on the way your body reacts to losing weight or how other organs function. This is why it becomes extremely important to understand what needs to be done to replace sugar with a substitute. Some people can adopt eating and drinking habits devoid of sugar, while many are unable to due to taste preferences, and other reasons.


However, sugar is considered to be one of the unhealthiest carbohydrates to consume on a daily basis. This is why, one is either told to cut down on pastries, chocolates, and other sugar-related items, including sugar by itself.


The sweetness of sugar for all the wrong reasons

When you look at the market, you will find how sugar is easily available off the shelves. This includes a number of sugar-rich items such as ice creams, pastries, cakes, festive sweets, chocolates, and so on. Excessive consumption of sugar has long been condoned by health and medical professionals for people with diabetes, obesity, and so on.


We don’t want to sugarcoat it, so here’s a list of reasons why sugar is bad for you.


  • You gain weight

One of the main reasons why you may be gaining weight is because of high levels of sugar consumption. Increasingly high levels of sugar can trigger your liver to store fat, leading to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


However, if you are suffering from extreme obesity, we recommend you book an online doctor consultation for phentermine with Dr2bThin. Phentermine is a prescribed FDA drug that is only given to people who are extremely obese and are free from contradicting health issues. It is essential to seek your doctor’s advice before going for any weight loss drug.


However, Phentermine acts as a way to reduce appetite, increase energy levels and alertness. More importantly, it helps you manage any cravings that you might have, including sugar cravings. This drug can effectively work when combined by the right weight loss diet and physical exercises.


  • Your heart and cholesterol at stake

High levels of blood sugar can cause insulin levels to rise. This can in-turn cause the muscle cells around each blood vessel in the arteries to grow faster than normal, causing high blood pressure.


Unhealthy cholesterol levels also increase and this is combined with reducing levels of cholesterol levels.


  • Sugar’s association with Alzheimer’s disease

Research suggests that there may be a strong association between insulin resistance and high fat diets linked to Alzheimer’s disease. This condition is presented as a metabolic disease where the brain’s ability to process glucose is affected.


  • You get addicted to sugar

Sugar can trigger you to want more, wherein its consumption can cause the release of opioids and dopamine. These chemicals activate the brain’s pleasure centre, making it difficult for you to tolerate the absence of sugar for a longer period.


  • You are left with an unsatisfied appetite

Fructose acts on the leptin hormones that signal your brain when you have eaten enough. However, a high fructose diet can leave you feeling hungry even while you overeat.


  • You experience episode of depression

If you’ve been consuming junk foods and sugary items for a long time, chances are that you run the risk of developing depression.


Replacing sugar with natural sugar

So, sugar is bad and everyone knows this, however, how does one get rid of it or at least, reduce its consumption? If you’re one of those who can’t do without sugar, it’s time to take note.


Allulose – is your answer to ‘all problems sugar’.


Allulose is a natural sugar that you will find in raisins, jackfruits, and figs, among other fruits. Allulose is available as an alternative sweetener derived from corn, from which its sugar is converted to allulose in the enzymatic process.


Allulose is safe to consume in both animals and humans alike based on studies conducted. It is identified as safe (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration.


Unlike natural sweeteners like maple syrup, sugar, and honey, allulose doesn’t increase blood sugar levels or lead to insulin resistance. It doesn’t cause any digestive side effects like sugar alcohols. Studies show that allulose can lower overall blood sugar levels and protect the pancreatic cells that produce insulin.


Allulose side effects are minimal or non-existent, and they don’t need to be broken down as they are already present in their simplest form. Neither does it require amylase or other carbohydrate-specific enzymes to be broken down. The bloodstream absorbs nearly 70-80% of the allulose via the small intestine. The rest leaves the body through the gastro-intestinal tract. While sugar and other carbohydrates contain four calories per gram; allulose contains 0.4 calories per gram.


So, try adopting a healthier lifestyle by being more mindful of the sugar you consume.


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