Keto Breakfast to Burn Fat All Day

Start Your Day with this Keto Breakfast to Burn Fat All Day

Start Your Day with this Keto Breakfast to Burn Fat All Day


Breakfast is your first meal of the day and an incredibly important meal in your weight loss routine that you start your day right without causing blood sugar fluctuations or inflammation. If you want something light that also contains protein, you can do a keto protein shake with coconut or almond milk and a good quality protein powder. If you want real food, some good options would be chicken sausage and eggs, turkey or grass-fed beef bacon and eggs, or an omelet.  You could do veggie omelets or even enjoy some leftovers from your lunch or dinner the day before.  Try these keto meal plan breakfast ideas for some powerful results.

Keto Breakfast to Burn Fat All Day

  1. Turmeric Fat Burning Coffee

You want a good cup of coffee in the morning. Why don’t you try Turmeric Fat Burning Coffee? It’s perfect for a keto meal plan. It is full of anti-inflammatory turmeric, cinnamon, and MCT oil, and just a bit of grass-fed butter for some food fats.


  1. Cinnamon Keto Pancakes

Pancakes are a delicious breakfast option that will remind you of your childhood every time. Choose these Cinnamon Keto Pancakes to experience full health benefits and forget about guilt on a keto meal plan. Thanks to some healing spices and bone broth protein, these pancakes won’t throw off your blood sugar nor inflame your gut. 


  1. Tomato Basil Omelet

Omelets are a classic breakfast option. They are an easy way to load up on healthy fats, herbs, and veggies on a keto meal plan. Try making Tomato Basil Omelet with tomato, basil, garlic, and bell pepper. Don’t be afraid to experiment by adding your favorite veggies, herbs, and spices.


  1. Almond Butter Keto Bread

Toast with breakfast just makes sense to many people. It is something they’ve always done and are reluctant to give up. This keto almond butter bread only has 3 net carbs per slice and goes great with some pastured eggs and avocado! Simply replace your old toast with a piece of almond butter keto bread and the keto breakfast recipe possibilities are endless. 


  1. Vanilla Avocado Pudding

Avocado pudding is a keto breakfast recipe enjoyed and recommended by many. It is super quick to make, super nutritious, and tasty. You start with coconut milk and avocado for a base of healthy fats. From there, you add your keto friendly ingredients of choice. This one uses Vanilla Bone Broth protein powder, coconut flakes, and MCT oil for an added ketone boost. You can even make a chocolate version of this recipe simply by switching up different flavors of bone broth protein! Top it off with some keto granola and you’ve got yourself a hearty breakfast bowl!


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